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One of the big differences between XCOM and XCOM 2 are mission types. Instead of Abductions you have Guerrilla Ops, and instead of Terror Missions you have ADVENT Retaliations (losing and ADVENT Retaliation mission wont make you lose that territory, but it will decrease the supplies income).

Mission Timer Start Concealed Objectives Reward Observations
Guerrilla ops
You can only choose one at a time. Hidden Dark Events can be revealed with Intel, either on the first popup, or by clicking the tag under the Avatar Progress counter. Choose based on what is a greater threat to you (usually the 'free +1/+2 Avatar Progress' events unless there's an easily accessible facility on the geoscape) or go by reward, or whatever mission contains a hack (only mission-critical hacks can yield the elusive "Enemy protocol" reward).
Protect Device - yes Protect the device and kill all targets Varied + Countering a Dark Event Late game this mission might get hard due to powerful enemies attacks
Destroy Device 8 yes Destroy the device and kill all targets Varied + Countering a Dark Event The ability to MC or hack control of an enemy unit makes this easier
Hack Workstation/Recover Item 8 yes Hack/Recover and kill all targets Varied + Countering a Dark Event Bring a Specialist: their ranged hack makes this significantly easier: LoS is range.
Council missions
Secure VIP 12 no Extract VIP and all soldiers VIP + resources VIP starts with you. Extraction zone is fixed and remote.
Rescue VIP 12 yes Extract VIP and all soldiers VIP + resources VIP doesn´t start with your soldiers: may appear locked in a cell or an ADVENT van: bring a Specialist. Extraction zone is fixed and remote.
Neutralize Dark VIP 12 yes Capture or kill Dark VIP + extract all soldiers Supplies + Intel If you kill the Dark VIP you don't get the Intel. On proximity, you get the 'Knockout' command, then Carry option: soldier carry rules are in effect. Extraction zone is fixed and remote.
Loot missions
Supply Raid - yes Neutralize all enemies Alloys + Elerium Beware of AoE attacks, don't destroy the resources: they are the glowing boxes. Keep in mind that vehicle and other object explosions have some range.
UFO Recovery 6 yes kill all targets Alloys + Elerium After you break concealment a beacon will activate, you have 6 turns do deactivate it or reinforcements will be deployed.
ADVENT Retaliation - no save at least six civilians and kill all targets Supplies income increased Like in Enemy Unknown/Within; living civvies still on the map are auto-rescued once all enemies are dead. Failing to rescue 6 civilians reduces supply income. Failing to secure the area loses the territory entirely.
ADVENT Facility - yes Plant the X4 and evacuate AVATAR progress decreased by point amount displayed under facility on map Expect drops once enemies are dead, when the charges are set, and another on your way to extraction.
Avenger Defense - yes Destroy the Disruptor, don't let enemies inside the ramp Not losing the game Defense Matrix helps a lot to camp the ramp, upgrade if you can. MCing and/or Hacking is VERY useful: have the controlled enemy unit take out the Disruptor, while your soldiers retreat, as ADVENT will be airdropping new enemies first every other turn, then eventually every turn.

In addition there are several special one-off storyline missions.