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[[OpenXcom]] is designed with moddability in mind, so everything that users might wanna change is available in external files that anyone can edit.
#REDIRECT [[Customizing (OpenXcom)]]
== Translations ==
While English is the most popular language, not everyone can understand it, so OpenXcom supports [[Translations (OpenXcom)|Translations]] that allow you to localize the game in any language you need.
== Soldier Names ==
If you're the kind that likes your soldiers to have a specific theme to them, or just want to add your own country, you can customize the [[Soldier Names (OpenXcom)|Soldier Names]] used for the new hires.
== Rulesets ==
[[Rulesets (OpenXcom)|Rulesets]] contain the meat of the game, the values and parameters for every single element in the game, and can be easily tweaked with a text editor.
== Sprite modding ==
Sprites are also moddable, robin on the forums has written a recipe how it can be done effectively: [[Modding sprites (OpenXcom)| Modding sprites]]

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