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This is a selected list of OpenXCom Mods (modifications).

Mod Type Mod Name Author(s) Website/Download Description
Armor Mod Combat Armor Ryskeliini Forum Thread Adds Kevlar armor as a purchasable armor type.
Armor Mod Power/Flying Suit redesign Moriarty Forum Thread Replaces all in-game representations of power suits and flying suits.
Craft Mod Sentinel Warboy1982 Forum Thread Adds a Sentinel heavy fighter as a purchasable aircraft.
Weapon Mod Daichi Blade Chiko and Moriarty Forum Thread Adds a combat knife as a purchasable item.
Weapon Mod Grenade Launcher Ryskeliini Forum Thread Adds an M-79 grenade launcher as a purchasable item.
Weapon Mod Sniper Rifle Toshiaki Forum Thread Adds a sniper rifle as a purchasable item.
Weapon Mod Custom Grenades Simon-v Forum Thread Adds an incendiary grenade as a purchasable item, and a throwable stun grenade as a researchable item.