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A small, one-handed device that tracks changes in the environment and displays them on a small screen. When stationary, the scanner displays all moving entities in range of the scanner. However, there are a few things to consider during usage:

  1. Movement is shown only for a few seconds and is constantly faded away to prevent the screen being cluttered
  2. The scanner does not distinguish between vertical positioning of movement, and shows movement under or above the user as a standard blip on the screen.
  3. Only movement is shown; the scanner does not know whether it is tracking a human or an alien, even if the blip on screen is far larger than a human
  4. If the scanner shows unusual trails, like "thick," large or very long trails, you can be fairly sure the movement is caused by something non-human. This indicates that something is moving towards or away from you at abnormally high speed.
  5. During movement, the environment "moves" in relation to the scanner and is thus show on the screen for a few seconds. See the next section for more information
  6. The scanner does not show very small objects like grenades or weapons left behind by their user

Relative Motion Scanning

When an agent with an active scanner moves, ghost images of walls and stationary objects or people will show briefly on the display. This effect occurs because the entire environment is moving relative to the scanner. This can clutter the screen but can be used to the users advantage to perform what is sometimes referred to as "relative motion" scanning. It can be useful in several ways:

A. Previously unknown terrain can be mapped with limited accuracy
B. Stationary entities can sometimes be seen in places where no environmental features were noticed earlier. Keep in mind that this can include stationary enemies, equipment or bodies.


Motion Scanner
Marsec Motion Scanner.PNG
  • Size: 1 × 1
  • Weight: 2
  • Manufacturer: Marsec
  • Base Price: $900
  • Minimum Weekly Stock: 2
  • Maximum Weekly Stock: 6
  • Battlescape Score: 4

"When this unit is activated the display shows anything moving relative to its position. The sensors can penetrate any kind of terrain."

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