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General Information


Live Specimen

This humanoid creature is physically powerful and intelligent.

They have a particular appetite for consuming raw flesh of any kind, which they need for sustenance like earth based carnivores.

They appear to rely on telepathic commands from a race known as Ethereals. Once separated from this telepathic link their mental system appears to break down and they die.

The cybernetic implants are used to enhance their combat performance. They are clearly the foot soldiers for a higher intelligence.


Muton - Autopsy

The 'skin' of this creature appears to be an organically created protective armour which is grafted onto the body.

There are numerous cybernetic implants which are used to enhance the cardio-vascular system and the senses.

The reproductive organs appear to have been surgically removed. Evidently these unfortunate creatures are limited to a life of warfare and conquest.

Armour piercing ammunition is not very effective against their toughened skin.