Muton (XCOM2)

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XCOM 2 Muton
Aim 80/80/80/80
Critchance 0/10/10/10
Defense 10/10/10/10
Health 8/8/9/11
Mobility 12/14/14/14
Will 50/50/50/50
Weapon Beam Rifle (4-6 damage, shred 1), Plasma Grenade (4-5 damage, shred 1), Bayonet (6-8 damage)
Abilities Suppression, Counterattack, Execute
These Mutons seem a little more agile than the ones we fought in the past; it looks like they're still serving as the aliens' front line, though.

–Central upon encountering the first Muton


Mutons, like the other original aliens, have been altered with human DNA. They are slightly shorter than their predecessors, have larger heads, and wear less bulky armor. Despite these changes, they still excel as frontline fighters. They're quite durable, with 8-11 health and 1-2 armor, depending on difficulty. They are armed with three weapons: Plasma Rifles, which deal 4-6 damage and shreds 1 armor; a bayonet attachment for melee combat, dealing 6-8 damage; and Plasma Grenades, dealing 4-5 damage and shredding 2 armor.


The Muton AI likes to close in and use the bayonet. Attacking them in melee is ill advised due to their Counterattack passive ability, which automatically nullifies a melee attack and immediately responds with one of their own. Their Bayonet also has a chance to stun, complementing the Execute ability.

Mutons can Execute an adjacent stunned enemy, killing them instantly regardless of remaining HP. A stunning Counterattack followed by an Execution can and has cost the life of many favoured and overzealous Rangers, and when accompanied by Berserkers or Stun Lancers they can be devastating.

Seeing multiple soldiers close together may make them use their grenade. They can also use the classic Suppression ability, which pins down the target, lowering their Aim and forbidding movement on pain of an Overwatch shot.

Counterattack is nullified with Disorientation, making them safe to cut apart. Their Will is also poor, making them vulnerable to Psi Operative abilities.