Muton Elite(LW2)

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Name Muton Elite Rank 3
Force Level
Pod Max
Muton Elite 1 (LW2).jpg
Armor 3 Health 18/22/24/27
Mobility 14 Detection Radius 14
Aim 75/80/85/85 Armor Piercing 1
Crit Chance 0/10/10/10 Defense 15/15/15/20
Dodge 0 Will 100/105/105/110

The Muton Elite is a dangerous opponent for XCOM. Equipped with a bayoneted heavy auto-plasma weapon, grenades, and thick armor, these elite warriors are the peak of ADVENT's martial prowess.

Muton Elite Abilities
UIPerk muton bayonet.png
Strike a target in melee.
UIPerk muton counterattack.png
Chance to ignore melee damage and instantly respond with a melee strike.
UIPerk muton execute.png
Mutons can perform a finishing move on an adjacent stunned enemy.
UIPerk muton aliengrenade.png
Alien Grenade
Throw an alien grenade
Light 'Em Up
Taking a standard shot with your primary weapon as your first action no longer ends your turn.
Fire a barrage that pins down a target, grants reaction fire against it if it moves, restricts the use of many abilities, and imposes a -25 penalty to the target's aim.
LW AbilityPersonalShields.png
Personal Shield
Activate a personal shield to gain ablative HP.
Muton Elite corps usages
Blaster Gauntlet
Blaster Gauntlet
Carapace Plating
Carapace Plating