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This page is designed to explain what new units are avaliable in ufo2000.

The Chameleon

Currently all user made units are used as appearances for the chameleon. It appears that this alien is based on the muton because it leaves a muton corpse and has exactly the same stats.

Currently available appearances:

  • Civilian
  • Ethereal
  • Soldier
  • Soldier (female)
  • Lunarsuit
  • Zombie (3 variants)


Currently unavailable in UFO 2000


A grotesque looking oddity from the gas oceans of [Planet name here]

Hover Droid

Currently unavailable in UFO 2000

Hover Droid

Created by X-Com researchers long before the innovation of the flying suit. Due to a funding cut they were never implemented, but they are now being used to decrease the number of casualities on the battlefield. After all a machine is easier to repair than a human.

They implement an anti-gravity unit to fly and small jet engines for movement. They also feature storage compartments and can use the same equipment and preform many similar tasks to X-Com soldiers.

Re-animated Horde

Currently not fully implemented - Zombie units are available in game as chameleon skins

Otherwise known as 'Zombies' this group of related creatures are far more than the steriotypical horror movie monsters of folklore. The source of the Zombie Activity on earth has never successfully been traced to a source, it is however assumed, that the advent of Alien technologies and possible Action on the part of Extraterrestrials are connected either directly or indirectly to their first appearance. The Zombies appear to be the end result of some unknown Catalytic event that occurs in certain parts of the planet (Usually centering around now inactive areas of previous Alien Incursions). Previously deceased soldiers and civilians alike experience unexplained activity in the central nervous system and appear to regain some semblance of life (Used in a very loose sense as the beings remain deceased from a scientific stand-point). The conscious mind of the creatures, seems to remain completely intact, affording them all the memories and intelligence of the people they were before their deaths. Unfortunately the minds of these creatures are warped by the ordeal and they harbor deep resentment and paranoia toward anything not belonging to their own sub-species (This includes both Alien and Human alike). Zombies have shown surprising aptitude in many fields of combat including the use of advanced technologies and strategies. Coupled with their zealous fervor during battle, and unmatched physical attributes make them more than a match for even the most hardened of commanders.

The term Zombie is applied loosely to a collection of various creatures within the Reanimated Horde. Below are some breif descriptions of the more common units encountered from this group.

Necrocantus Hunter


The Hunter is the face of the undead horde, accounting for nearly half of the known zombie agents throughout the world. They are skilled warriors with little regard for personal wellbeing but perform best in group tactics as they represent the percentage of zombies that have not yet begun to re-develop their decaying bodies into their more formidable forms. The Hunters often appears in the clothing they were previously killed in and lack the strength and agility of their enemy counterparts. They make up for this with huge amounts of stamina and a massive pain threshold.

Necrotalis Stalker Stalkers are the end result of bodily regeneration experienced by all members of the undead horde. Their often gruesome and fragile appearance belies their true strength and cunning. Stalkers are often seen wearing specially crafted Armour and fighting with advanced weaponry, often weaponry that would overburden even the strongest of enemy agents. The Stalkers fight with a savagery that is unmatched, often charging headlong into the fray, demoralising enemy forces with their fearsome appearance and burning hatred for all things that have been spared the suffering that has befallen the undead. The strength and stamina make the stalker ideal for assault purposes, allowing them to carry heavy weapons with ease. Couple this with their inherent resistance to damage (Plus the extra protection afforded by the Armour they commonly wear)and you have an unstoppable force of destruction.