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The news ticker on the Situation Room will display news headlines from around the globe according Storyline progression, panic levels and XCOM missions performed.


USA level 1

  • Rumors of alien activity near New York City have been met with skepticism from the general public
  • Residents of Los Angeles claim to have seen unusual lights near the downtown area...officials blame unspecified weather phenomena
  • Claims of an "alien creature" prowling the streets near the Joe Louis Arena in downtown Detroit are laughed off by local residents
  • Baltimore man claims to have shot "alien": police believe the incident may have been drug related
  • Business as usual in the southern United States despite claims of alien sightings near several major cities

USA level 2 and 3

  • National News Radio reports on an upswing in membership of armed militia groups in the Midwestern United States attributed to frequent alien sightings
  • Brazen alien abduction in California caught on video; concern grows over validity of alien reports
  • New Yorkers weary after repeated alien sightings in Manhattan; some claim government conspiracy
  • Colorado man claims aliens have settled in the Great Sand Dunes and are attempting to colonize Earth: local residents report unusual sightings
  • News helicopter crashes outside of Boston: eyewitness accounts claim "alien" weapons fire
  • Concern grows after notable political figure claims to have direct knowledge of alien attack near Houston
  • Ongoing reports of alien activity across the United States raises concerns among once skeptical populace

USA level 4

  • Religious leaders across America warn that the presence of aliens is a sign of dire times to come
  • As reports of alien activity in the eastern United States continue to climb, some people have taken to stockpiling food and other supplies
  • Unknown number of fatalities after alien attack strikes southern California; officials have not released a statement
  • Allegations of government coercion with the aliens as American presidential candidates blame various sources for growing crisis
  • Armed troops seen patrolling near the U.S. Capitol raise concern over safety of major cities

USA level 5

  • National Guard troops have taken up positions around government facilities across the United States as "alien war" escalates
  • Looting reported across the United States as many citizens give up hope for defeat of alien invasion
  • National Center for Health reports alarming increase in suicides as alien attacks continue unabated
  • World economy grinds to a halt as many U.S. businesses close due to lack of employee attendance
  • Coalition of U.S. governors demands aggressive response from feds as nation appears to be on the brink of shutdown


Canada level 1

  • An alien was sighted near a small town north of Montreal this morning...skeptics question authenticity of the account
  • Excited tourists visiting the CN Tower claim to have seen mysterious lights hovering over the Toronto area
  • Police cite lack of evidence in investigation of "alien abduction" taking place near Niagara Falls
  • Alien phenomenon sweeps across Canada; Vancouverites welcome visitors with open arms
  • Enterprising businesses across Canada have taken to selling "UFO" merchandise in light of recent reports

Canada level 2-3

  • Restaurant patrons in downtown Edmonton report alien attack: several city blocks cordoned off by police
  • Toronto residents claim police and local government officials are ignoring alien threat within the city as spreads
  • Scientists deny that lights seen over northern Canada can be attributed to Aurora Borealis, citing multiple reports of other unusual activity
  • Petition to the mayor of Winnipeg demands more police coverage after residents claim woman was abducted in the city center
  • Missing persons reports across Canada continue to climb... government officials remain baffled
  • Pro-alien advocacy groups in Vancouver say reports of alien attacks on civilians are "exaggerated"
  • Growing concern across Canada as initial reports of "alien activity" now lead to claims of attempted abductions

Canada level 4

  • Unrest in Ottawa as several high profile alien abductions rattle the Canadian capital"
  • Economic forecast indicates reduction in Canadian industrial output due to increasing fears of impending alien attack
  • Leaked evidence suggests several provincial governments in Canada creating emergency plans due to alien activity
  • Anger over lack of local response to alien attacks leads to protests in downtown Toronto
  • Alien corpse discovered on Edmonton city street causes near- among local residents, threat can no longer be denied

Canada level 5

  • Authorities in Manitoba say aliens have killed dozens in an apparent attack aimed at intimidating government officials
  • Canadians hunker down as alien crisis reaches breaking point across North America
  • Many across Canada turn to religion as little hope remains for end to alien conflict
  • Electrical grid disruptions throughout Canada as a result of alien attacks on infrastructure
  • Leaked government communication indicates expected disruption to GPS and other satellites


Mexico level 1

  • Government officials in Mexico offer no official response to unsubstantiated reports of alien abductions taking place within the nation
  • Media reports of alien sightings in Mexico City are being heavily criticized by local officials as 'sensationalism'
  • Initial reports of alien abductions near Guadalajara brushed off by local law enforcement as "cartel infighting"
  • Trade groups reporting brisk business in Monterrey as UFO sightings draw tourists and local spectators alike
  • Crowds gather near Tijuana to view unusual lights seen flying erratically over the city

Mexico level 2-3

  • Growing concern across Mexico as the number of people reporting alien sightings rises
  • UFO sightings over Mexico City confirmed by pilots, anonymous military personnel; some residents alarmed by lack of government action
  • Opposition party in Mexico claims president has failed to properly address growing threat of alien attacks across the nation
  • Tijuana businesses report rapid decline as tourists stay home due to fear of ongoing alien attacks
  • Mexican military forced to shift priorities as reports of alien attacks across the country spur demands for increased security
  • Talk shows across Mexico inundated with requests for frank discussions on the scope of alien threat spreading across the country
  • Port operations in Veracruz disrupted as workers demand assurances of protection against alien attackers

Mexico level 4

  • Mexican President defends administration's response to alien crisis; opinion polls show little confidence
  • News media across Mexico thrives on talk of alien abductions as general public grows increasingly concerned
  • Crossings at Mexican border stations slow as both sides struggle to deal with increasingly visible alien attacks
  • Economists forecast lower than usual exports from Mexico as supply chain disruptions emerge as a result of alien attacks
  • Residents of Mexico City find little solace in police promises to secure city streets from alien attackers

Mexico level 5

  • Mexico reports large-scale immigration as migrant workers choose to return home rather than risk involvement in alien conflict
  • Government offices across Mexico are vandalized as public shows little confidence in official response to deadly alien attacks
  • Demand for vehicles and fuel declines rapidly in Mexico as residents refuse to travel for fear being attacked by aliens
  • Residents of Mexico City seen boarding up windows, securing structures as ongoing alien conflict reaches tipping point
  • Absenteeism in Mexican public schools reportedly over 80% as parents refuse to risk sending children in light of brutal alien attacks