Officer Training School (EU2012)

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The Officer Training School

Increase XCOM squad size, earn promotion bonuses, and unlock powerful combat medical techniques for your soldiers.

Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)

General Notes

Research Required N/A
Manpower Required N/A
Base Costs §125
Power 3
Maintenance §25 per month
Build Time 8 days
Provides see notes
Adjacency Bonus N/A

  • The Officer Training School (OTS) is a facility in the XCOM base, where you can buy 'tactics' that improve your squads. Some tactics require you to have a soldier reach a particular rank in order to unlock it.
  • Your base starts without an OTS on Classic and Impossible difficulty levels. One of your Soldiers has to reach Sergeant rank to unlock the OTS for building.
  • The purchased improvements require the continued existence of the Officer Training School. So all purchased improvements will be disabled if the school was demolished.
  • The continent bonus Future Combat (earned by achieving satellite coverage over all 4 countries in Asia or choosing Asia for your headquarters location) reduces the cost of all OTS projects by 50%.
OTS Abilities
Ability Rank Required Cost Description
Wet Work
Sergeant §125 +25% experience gained from kills
Squad Size I
Sergeant §50 Squad size increased to 5 soldiers
Rapid Recovery
Lieutenant §150 Soldiers heal twice as fast from wounds taken in combat.
Squad Size II
Captain §75 Squad size increased to 6 soldiers.
Iron Will
Major (EU)
Sergeant (EW)
§200 Soldiers receive a larger Will bonus each time they are promoted.

(Adds between 2-6 extra Will increases per promotion on top of the default +2-6)

New Guy
Major §250 New soldiers are automatically promoted to the "Squaddie" rank.
Don't Die On Me
Colonel §275 The higher the rank, the more likely the soldier will be critically wounded instead of killed (Enemy Unknown Only)
Lead by Example
Lieutenant §50 The Squad leader substitutes his or her Will for that of all nearby lower Will squadmates (Enemy Within Only)

Additional Notes

  • Iron Will improves your Will boost for 2-6 points per promotion. Plus the Second Wave option Hidden Potential, this means a will boost of up to 13 points: and with Not Created Equally, your Psi solders can easily surpass +100 Will scores.
  • On the Enemy Within DLC, the current squad leader will have the Lead By Example icon on its list of abilities during the pre-mission loadout. During the mission the icon will appear also on any soldiers benefiting from this ability, visible either on the list of abilities on the lower left corner of the main screen or through the F1 view. The radius is about 7 tiles.
  • Removing the facility causes all bought upgrades to cease functioning, but will be re-enabled when you re-build the OTS. Only do this as a last resort if you make a serious mistake, such as finding yourself 3.5 hours too late to build a Power Generator to get a Satellite Uplink up in the second month on Ironman. /headdesk
  • Lead By Example is great if a MEC Trooper with high Will is squad leader as other soldiers will have their Will boosted to the MEC Trooper's Will plus bonus from suit, not just MEC Trooper's base will. Example: 90 Will (base) + 20 Will (MEC-3 Paladin bonus) = 110 Will total will be boosted for other soldiers. Also, if other soldiers have +Will medals, they receive the boost (110) + whatever medals provide for total of (120 example).
    • After discovering some Psi soldiers, having your highest Will Psionic as the squad leader is amazing, especially with Mind Shield & Psi Armor as these stack and your Psi squad leader could easily lead a squad of 190+ Will soldiers. Hopefully you've been using the Neural Feedback gene mod; as your soldiers will not only have a great chance of resisting Psi attacks with Lead By Example but Neural Feedback will easily kill Sectoid Commanders and those Ethereals won't know what hit 'em!
  • Wet Work is also great for MECs, since it partially negates the XP penalty they get for being a MEC (only 50% normal XP for kills.)


The seven banners on the back wall of the facility start out with the XCOM logo, and change to the symbol of each OTS ability as its researched, in the order that they're purchased. In the above picture for example, the player acquired, from first to last, Squad Size I, Wet Work, Squad Size II, Rapid Recovery, New Guy, Don't Die on Me and lastly, Iron Will.

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