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| {{ Template: Incoming! (LW2) |text=1}}
| {{ Template: Incoming! (LW2) |text=1}}
| {{ Template: Get Some (LW2) |text=1}}
| {{ Template: Get Some (LW2) |text=1}}
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| First Lieutenant
| {{ Template: Fall Back! (LW2) |text=1}}
| {{ Template: Jammer (LW2) |text=1}}
[[Category: Long War 2]]
[[Category: Long War 2]]

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Officers are automatically granted the following perks:

Ability Description
UIPerk inspire.jpg
End your turn to grant a bonus action to any visible member of the squad. The number of charges is dependent on the officer's rank. Second and first lieutenants have one charge; captains and majors have two charges; lieutenants and full colonels have three charges; and field commanders have four charges. Cannot be used on units on overwatch or suppressing another target.
LW AbilityCommissar.jpg
Pistol shots against allies who have been mind-controlled by enemies have +50 to hit, cannot be dodged, and automatically kill the target if a hit occurs.
LW AbilityIntervention.jpg
Activate this ability to spend 10 intel and gain two turns on the current mission timer. The number of charges is dependent on the officer's rank.
LW AbilityLeadership.jpg
This officer provides bonuses to will, dodge and infiltration to soldiers who have previously served under his or her command. These bonuses scale up the more missions they go on together.
LW AbilityTakeThis.jpg
You'll Need This
Anytime you equip a pistol (of any technology level), you carry a spare conventional pistol that you can hand to any adjacent civilian ally who does not already have a pistol. The spare pistol does not impose a weight penalty on this soldier, but the ally will incur a one-mobility penalty when receiving the sidearm.

Officers can gain the following abilities:

Rank Ability Description
Second Lieutenant
Oscar Mike
Focus Fire
First Lieutenant
Get Some
First Lieutenant
Fall Back!