Officers (LW2)

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Officers are automatically granted the following perks:

Ability Description
UIPerk inspire.jpg
End your turn to grant a bonus action to any visible member of the squad. The number of charges is dependent on the officer's rank. Second and first lieutenants have one charge; captains and majors have two charges; lieutenants and full colonels have three charges; and field commanders have four charges. Cannot be used on units on overwatch or suppressing another target.
LW AbilityCommissar.jpg
Pistol shots against allies who have been mind-controlled by enemies have +50 to hit, cannot be dodged, and automatically kill the target if a hit occurs.
LW AbilityTakeThis.jpg
You'll Need This
Anytime you equip a pistol (of any technology level), you carry a spare conventional pistol that you can hand to any adjacent civilian ally who does not already have a pistol. The spare pistol does not impose a weight penalty on this soldier, but the ally will incur a one-mobility penalty when receiving the sidearm.