Overseer (EU2012)

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Overseer Airborne (EU2012).png
Size Medium
Weapon UFO Plasma I
UFO Plasma II
Speed 3500
Engagement Speed 60
Health Points 2500
Armor 64/64/45/52
Armor Penetration 25
First Appearance See Notes


Overseer (EU2012).png

This UFO only appears after the Hyperwave Relay is built and will never appear again once it is shot down and assaulted (though there is a minuscule chance that the game may schedule two instances close enough to swat down and assault both). It has about the same size as a Large Scout but with a different inner design, consisting of a central bridge that can only be accessed through one door, unlike the disposition of the scout craft.

A Firestorm will shoot it down without much difficulty. Otherwise, if you're using an Interceptor you'll need all of the 3 (Aim, Dodge and Boost) modules to have a chance of bringing it down.

Alien Deployment