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General Information


The P.W.T. defence module is a defense measure that launches Pulse Wave Torpedos against an incoming retaliation ship (an alien Dreadnought).

It is the end result of DPL-based research, and the single most powerful offensive system available to protect your base.

While the increase in power over the Sonic Defences is proportional to the increase in initial cost, maintenance is only marginally more expensive.

Five or six of these plus a Bombardment Shield will turn waves of incoming dreadnoughts into so much confetti. You can't recover anything of value.

This base facility appears in Terror from the Deep. For the UFO: Enemy Unknown equivalent, refer to the Fusion Ball Defences.


Construction Time: 34 days
Construction Cost: $800,000
Maintenance: $14,000/month

Defense Value: 1,200
Hit Ratio: 80%

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