Panic (Long War)

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Panic in Long War is a smooth scale from 0-100, not the 5-point scale as seen in EU2012. For more details, on how panic relates to council members, see The Council (Long War).

Changes in Panic


  • UFO Escapes Untouched: +2 in country (reduced to 0 by dealing damage or raiding it if it lands)
  • Bombing campaign: +8 (reduced in direct proportion to damage dealt to the UFO, untouched UFO panic *also* applies)
  • Shooting down/raiding a UFO: -2 in country (You get -2 for shooting down a UFO, then another -2 for raiding it)
  • Launching a Satellite: -10 in country, no change across continent
  • Losing a Satellite: +25 in country, +5 across continent
  • Alien Entertainment Requests: -20 in requesting country
  • Sectoid Commander Requests: -20 in requesting country


Note that there is also a 50% chance of adding +15 panic to any panic causing event if there is an active and hidden EXALT cell on the same continent as the target country. For example, an ignored and successful air raid in France has a 50% chance of causing +25 panic total if there is an active and hidden EXALT cell somewhere in Europe.

Country Defection

At the end of the month, a country may leave the council if their panic is too high (i.e. > 95). Note that aliens can run an infiltration mission to cause a country to leave immediately.

  • Chance of defection, no sats nearby: current panic level (ie, at least 95%)
  • Chance of defection, one or more sat on same continent: 90%
  • Chance of defection, country has sat: 50%

Satellite Panic Reduction

Once per month, satellites can help control panic:

  • 50% chance of -5 panic if Panic > 95
  • 10% chance of -5 panic if Panic > 80
  • no reduction if panic < 80