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==Mission Panic values==
See [[Continent Panic (Long War)|Continent Panic]]
Air raid: +8 (Can be reduced by damaging the UFO)
Terror mission: +2 per civilian in country, +1 per civilian in home country (stacks, the country where the terror mission takes place is actually gaining +3 panic per dead civilian)
Terror mission failure\abort: +20 across continent
Shooting down/raiding a UFO: -2
Escaped ufo: +2 (reduced by any damage dealt)
Launching a satellite: -10
Raiding an alien base: -20 in country, -5 across continent
Raiding Exalt base: -5 worldwide
Thwarting an abduction: -2
Failing an abduction: +25
Council mission reward: ??
Alien entertainment reward: ??
==Country Defection==
Defection threshold: >95 panic
Chance of defection, no sats nearby: 100%
Chance of defection, one or more sat on same continent: 90%
Chance of defection, country has sat: 50%
==Satellite Panic reduction==
50% chance of -5 panic if Panic>95
10% chance of -5 panic if Panic>80
0% chance of reduction if panic<80
[[Category: Long War]]
[[Category: Long War]]

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