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This page may be outdated. It is up-to-date for version b14. The latest version is 1.0.
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Panic in Long War is a smooth scale from 0-100, not the 5-point scale as seen in EU2012. For more details, on how panic relates to council members, see The Council (Long War).

Mission Panic values

  • Air raid / Bombing run: +8 (Can be reduced by damaging the UFO, escaped UFO panic *also* applies)
  • Terror mission: +2 per civilian in country, +1 per civilian across continent (stacks, the country where the terror mission takes place is actually gaining +3 panic per dead civilian)
  • Terror mission failure/abort: Country suffering from terror mission leaves immediately, +20 across continent
  • Shooting down/raiding a UFO: -2
  • Escaped ufo: +2 (reduced by any damage dealt)
  • Launching a satellite: -10 in country, no change across continent
  • Losing a satellite: +25 in country, +5 across contient
  • Raiding an alien base: -20 in country, -5 across continent
  • Raiding Exalt base: -5 worldwide
  • Thwarting an abduction: -2
  • Failing an abduction: +25 in country, +20 across continent for classic and harder.
  • Council mission reward: ??
  • Alien entertainment reward: ??
  • Completing a covert operation: ??

Country Defection

At the end of the month, a country may leave the council if their panic is too high. Note that aliens can run an infiltration mission to cause a country to leave immediately.

  • Defection threshold: >95 panic
  • Chance of defection, no sats nearby: current panic level (ie, at least 95%)
  • Chance of defection, one or more sat on same continent: 90%
  • Chance of defection, country has sat: 50%

Satellite Panic reduction

Once per month, satellites can help control panic:

  • 50% chance of -5 panic if Panic>95
  • 10% chance of -5 panic if Panic>80
  • 0% chance of reduction if panic<80