Patchwork (Chimera)

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Agent Patchwork
Agent Patchwork
Traits Utility, Electronic disruption
Weapon Rifle
It’s been said her bytes really bite. Her natural aptitude with technology is unmatched in XCOM, save for the abilities of her best friend, Lily Shen.

"Don't worry, we can fix it." -Patchwork

Patchwork is a human tech specialist and a playable agent in XCOM: Chimera Squad.

Patchwork excels at fighting mechanical enemies, either via direct damage or by hacking them; as a result, she is an excellent choice when fighting Sacred Coil. That being said, her Gremlin is able to cause consistent damage to multiple enemies with its Chaining Jolt ability and she can also provide combat support for her allies as well.


Health Mobility Aim Will Dodge Crit Psi
8 10 65 40 0 0 0


Rank Ability
Cadet Chaining Jolt
Patchwork sends her GREMLIN to jolt an enemy. Attack chains to nearby enemies. Damage is increased against robotic enemies.
Hack Door
Hack open a door at the start of a Breach.
Deputy Agent Combat Scanners
The GREMLIN scans the room, applying Holo Targeting to all enemies and increasing the squad’s Aim.
Field Agent Voltaic Arc
The GREMLIN shocks enemies if they move too close to Patchwork or if Patchwork moves close to them. This attack chains to nearby enemies
Threat Recognition
Upgrades Combat Scanners to provide additional uses and grant bonus Crit to all allies at Patchwork’s Breach point.
Special Agent Stasis Field
Patchwork sends the GREMLIN to temporarily place an enemy into Stasis. The enemy cannot attack but is immune to all damage.
Senior Agent Shock Therapy
Upgrades Chaining Jolt to Disorient and potentially Stun targets.
High Voltage
Chained attacks from Chaining Jolt or Voltaic Arc deal extra damage.
Principal Agent Capacitor Discharge

Patchwork sends the GREMLIN to fire a substantial electric discharge, damaging and potentially Stunning all nearby units. Robotic units take more damage.

Training (Special Agent) Unlock Potential
+1 Utility Item slot
Training (Principal Agent) Storm Generator
Increases the chain range of Chaining Jolt.

Tactical Advice

  • Unlike Torque's Bind skill, Patchwork's Stasis skill works on large enemies and/or bosses.
  • Using Stasis Field on the last active enemy in an encounter extends the encounter another turn - allowing allies to heal, and special abilities to cool down.
  • Armed with the Epic Weapon Impetuous Spire and upgraded with Superior Extended Magazine the weapon's Banish ability delivers six shots in a row against a single enemy on a full clip, albeit with slightly reduced Aim.


Patchwork lost her entire family during the invasion, as well as an arm and both of her legs. She eventually ended up in an ADVENT orphanage, where a gene therapy clinic built her prosthetic limbs so she could be used as proof of the aliens' benevolence in propaganda. However, her technical skills allowed her to discover evidence of ADVENT's true nature, and she engineered her own rescue by X-COM. She served as an engineer on the Avenger during the War for Liberation until a shortage of personnel required her to take up active duty; after the war's end, Lily Shen requested her transfer to Chimera Squad.