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Making use of the curiously resilient and ultra light alloys that compose almost the entirety of the UFO hulls, the Beaker heads have been able to cook up a relatively simple but highly protective suit of armour in their laboratory habitats. This new suit of armour rivals even standard kevlar combat armour in terms of effectiveness. It can be built once Alien Alloys is researched.

Basically the suit is a black full body suit with alloy plates slipped in to protect vital areas. Various guards moulded from Alien Alloys provide additional protection to areas such as the shoulders and hips, they also supply some pocket space for a suit that, when you get down to it, isn't quite designed for pockets.

The relatively simple and cost effective construction of Personal Armour allows some X-COM Commanders to introduce the suits as standard issue equipment very quickly. But more importantly, it's a good excuse for engineers to get rid of that often gigantic mound of Alien Alloys that tends to accumulate in storage.

Scientists are planning on designing a heavier and bulkier variety of armour that offers double the protection and introduces mechanical enhancements to aid movement under the additional bulk. Refer to the Power Suit project for more information, and the Flying Suit project for the planned anti-gravity enhancements that allows flight.

This armor is used in UFO: Enemy Unknown. In Terror from the Deep, the Plastic Aqua Armor is the equivalent.


Facing Protection

Any soldier wearing Personal Armour or better will be completely immune to the effects of fire -- but a Power Suit or better is needed against stun damage from smoke.


Personal Armour

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