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Once you've researched Alien Alloys, you will be able to research Personal Armour.

Tactically, Personal Armour can be useful, as it gives soldiers slightly better chances of surviving being shot. However, from a bean-counter's point of view, it's not very efficient, as alien plasma weapons will frequently kill your soldiers despite the armour and the (expensive) armour suit is then lost along with the soldier. If you're expecting a mission to be very difficult (e.g. Sectoid Terror Mission), it may be worth bringing a few suits of Personal Armour along; otherwise, your wallet will thank you for your callousness in sending soldiers into battle without armour.

This armor is used in UFO: Enemy Unknown. In Terror from the Deep, the Plastic Aqua Armor is the equivalent.


Facing Protection
Cost $22,000
Technician Hours 800
Workspace 12
Materials 4 Alien Alloy

Sell Value: $54,000

Due to a bug when units are spawned, soldiers wearing Personal Armour are treated as though they are wearing Power Armor when damage modifiers are applied -- but a Power Suit or better is needed against stun damage from smoke.


Personal Armour

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