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The Personal Cloaking Field generates a warping effect that bends various wave forms. Effectively this means that the user is considerably less visible to radar, infra-red and visual sighting. The field is disabled temporarily if the user initiates combat.
The Personal Cloaking Field, image from the UFOpaedia
Personal Cloaking Field (Apocalypse).png

The cloaking device is an immensely useful device that make the wearer harder to spot, allowing the user to get closer to enemies or provide immediate incidental cover in open area firefights where there is little cover. Combined with smoke grenades, it can prove to be a great asset in masking an advance or even a retreat. This useful device works only if placed in one of the hands of the agent that carry it.

Once spotted, the user can unfortunately be targeted as normal by all shooters with a clear line of sight.

Ways to counter the cloaking effect for both the player and AI involve hitting the target. This can be done by spraying bullets in the general direction of the suspected location of the cloaked unit, or throwing a grenade. Once the target is hit, it will become visible and target focus can be applied normally normally. With repeated hits, the target will stay visible indefinitely.

The Personal Cloaking Field has a hidden property of making the target MUCH harder to hit, even when the cloak is revealed. Trained agents will start shooting worse than rookies when directed against a cloaked target, and aliens will make notably worse shots against cloaked agents as well -> Agents with 70 accuracy will have problems hitting cloaked targets even at point blank range, which is ridiculous considering that even 20 accuracy is usually good enough to reach 100% hitrate on autofire with a machinegun when at point blank range. One exploit around this is to shoot behind the target, which will use the agent's normal accuracy.

  • Battlescape Score: 8

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