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Welcome to the Bootypedia, a part of UFOPaedia.org. X-Piratez is a total conversion mod designed for OpenXcom, a free open-source re-implementation of X-Com: Enemy Unknown (1994) and Terror From The Deep. There are major gameplay differences, as well as many additions to research, manufacture, base facilities, and so on. Piratez is designed for the veteran X-Com player seeking a much longer and challenging campaign.

The Bootypedia is introduced to assist with the main changes with Piratez and continually a work in progress - anyone and everyone can contribute by creating an account and editing the pages. Utilize the Discussion tab on any page to discuss any aspects of the wiki or use the OpenXcom forums if you wish to discuss the mod with the creator, Dioxine.

If you would like to contribute and are looking for what to do, please consult the To Do List.

All information on this wiki attempts to relate to the latest version of Piratez, which is currently X-Piratez v.N1. Current version can be found here or on the Forums Latest Download Link Here.

X-Piratez (previously Piratez) is currently in development by Dioxine, utilizing OpenXcom Extended (Plus) that allows for more features. Any bugs or issues should be recorded and reported to Dioxine for fixing.

You may ask, "What is X-Piratez" X-Piratez is a roleplaying strategy game where you lead a band of mutant pirates in their run of glory and victory on the ravaged planet of earth.
Notice: By default, most information is hidden to hide spoilers and/or preserve page length due to the massive amount of listings in Piratez compared to vanilla X-Com. Click the "Expand" links in order to display any hidden information.

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