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For the original UFO: Enemy Unknown (1994) version, see Plasma Rifle
Project Kestrel Results
Plasma Rifle

It took an extensive effort by the research team to reduce the considerable mass of the larger alien plasma rifle. By replacing the outer frame components with composite materials, we've managed to substantially reduce the weight, without compromising the weapon's power output or accuracy. These reductions did coincide with the added heft of a larger power supply, but we still managed to net an overall reduction of several kilograms. The substantial increases in firing rate and overall damage output versus our other prototype variants also required some additional modifications to the integrated Elerium power cell. The end result of this work is a highly advanced, mobile plasma discharge weapon that improves on nearly all aspects of the conventional X-9 rifle. I believe the engineering team is now on standby to begin production of this weapon at your discretion. Any alien rifles recovered from the field can also be modified for our own use following the techniques we've developed.

Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012) Research Archives

Plasma Rifle

This modified assault rifle fires a jet of ionized gas through a focused magnetic field - an extremely effective plasma-based weapon.

  • Highly efficient and deadly primary weapon.
Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)


Research Required Plasma Rifle
Base Costs §200
30 Alloys
20 Elerium
20 Engineers
Base Damage 6-8
Critical Damage 10 or 12
Critical Chance 10%
Range Medium
Abilities None
  • The upgrade to the LPR, Mutons will be the first aliens seen using these weapons, along with Heavy Floaters.
  • While the listed Critical Damage (on the EW DLC) is 11-13, the actual values are either 10 (33% of the shots) or 12 (66%) due to a bug.
  • After it is researched, this weapon will be standard issue for all XCOM squads up until the final mission, since Supports can't use more powerful weapons.
  • Due to the high manufacturing cost, a less expensive option to equip your squad with this weapon is to capture aliens carrying them using the Arc Thrower.
    • On the Enemy Within DLC, the building costs for each Plasma Rifle have been increased to §300, 40 Elerium and 50 Alloys.
  • There are two ways to unlock the research project for this weapon. The first one is by completing research of the Light Plasma Rifle, the alternative version is by capturing an intact Plasma Rifle through stunning an alien. The second way will consume the captured Plasma Rifle during its research though.
    • Research benefits from the following Research Credits: Plasma Weapons, Weapons Technology, All Technology.

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