Port Attack

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Port Attack

The aliens are attacking the civilians at a port. Your mission, as always, is to go to the site and put a stop to the aliens, and attempt to rescue as many civilians as you can.

Ports in X-Com are fairly busy industrial areas littered with a shipyard, port offices, rubbish skips, any number of storage sheds of various sizes, fenced storage compounds, iron water towers or observation decks, the wharf and a rail station. Crates and drum barrels are a very common theme throughout the map.

The rail station is the largest building in the map and always features along the North edge of the map. Several ore wagons are parked on the rails. The lobby of the station is fairly empty with a garage containing oil drums off to the side. The upper level has a small store room. The attic of the building is a warehouse of crates. Some of these, oddly, are stamped "XCOM" and "Secret" on the side. The windows along the south face of the top level are a common sniper den for aliens.

The wharf area is a long fenced strip along the eastern edge of the map. It has more crates and drum barrels and features cranes and a small foreman's office.

Iron towers or an observation deck will often feature. These are also prime sniper locations for any side that manages to secure them. The towers has an empty room at the top of the stairs that spiral around the tower. Be wary of fighting near the stairs as any damaged sections will stop you from being able to scale them.

Mission Text

Aliens have launched an attack against surface sites. The port and its civilian population have been put at risk. Your squad must eliminate all Aliens and protect the innocent bystanders from this Alien incursion.


Secure high places as quickly as you can. First to rid the threat of enemy snipers, the second is to set up your own.

If the iron tower cannot be climbed due to damage caused to the stairs, use a Gas Cannon with HE shells to fire up at the floor of the room at the top of the tower. Alternately, a Sonic Cannon can be used to cut holes in the ceiling.

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