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Once you've researched UFO Power Source, Personal Armour, and Elerium-115, you will have the ability to research the Power Suit. The power suit is a tremendous upgrade to the personal armour, providing double the protection value of the latter. Because of this increase in protection, it is not uncommon to survive multiple Heavy Plasma bolts to the chest, though this will often result in a badly wounded (but not dead) soldier.

In addition to its protection qualities, the power suit's enclosed environment renders the wearer immune not only to fire but also stun damage from standing in smoke.

This armor is used in UFO: Enemy Unknown. In Terror from the Deep, the Ion Armor is the equivalent.


Facing Protection
Cost $42,000
Technician Hours 1000
Workspace 16
Materials 5 Alien Alloy, 5 Elerium

Sell Value: $85,000

Note: Protects the wearer against all incendiary/fire damage and the stun damage caused by smoke inhalation.


Power Suit

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