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A close combat weapon that uses an Elerium Plasma Generator to enhance the blade. It is a very powerful device, but can only be used against adjacent targets.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia
Marsec Power Sword
Power Sword (Apocalypse).png
  • Size: 1x4
  • Weight: 4
  • Fire Rate: 1.0/sec
  • Accuracy: 95%
  • Power: 75
  • Damage Type: Plasma
  • Ammo: 15 (Recharges)
  • Range: 2.5m
  • Manufacturer: Marsec
  • Available: Week 3
  • Base Price: $400
  • Minimum Weekly Stock: 1
  • Maximum Weekly Stock: 5
  • Battlescape Score: 2

A melee weapon of very high damage. It is the strongest non-explosive weapon available. A close combat weapon which recharges slowly. An agent with two swords is extremely deadly.
Dual wielded swords can easily dig through a UFO hull or tunnel underground quickly. A common tactic is to use two swords and rush in quickly to attack Megaspawns, to kill them quickly before they can shoot or launch. Market quantities are adequate since only one sword is needed to dig unless used for melee combat.

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