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#REDIRECT [[Ranks]]
Who gets what promotion depends entirely on the existing [[ranks]] and whether there is room for promotion:
*Promotion to squaddie for a new recruit is automatic as long as the soldier acquires some combat [[experience]] (shooting, psi, etc.) in battle.
*Ranks beyond this have specific criteria that need to be met before they are offered - namely, having a certain number of suboordinates of the previous rank.
In an equal environment, say all you have are new recruits, the soldier that obtains the most experience in battle will be in the best position to be take on the best available promotion above squaddie that is up for grabs. Every action a soldier performs in battle that is recorded will be tallied at the end of the battle and the one with the highest gets the best promotion, the next highest the second best promotion and so on. If there is one position available but two eligible soldiers have an identical amount of performance, the game will randomly pick between the two.
Unfortunate, panicking counts as [[experience]] and counts towards the promotion tally. It is also unfortunate that once a soldier has been handed a rank, they can continue to rise in the ranks even if they do nothing and are surpassed by other soldiers. First come, first serve, as they say.
As stated, combat [[experience]] influences promotion in the simple case of, one combat with rookie soldiers. However, when combat ends, it is also possible for soldiers not involved in that combat to be promoted. Currently, it is not known how this is tallied relative to soldiers who were just in combat.
I think it has to do with the size of the pool of soldiers you have, say 40 total soldiers has room for 1 [[Commander]], 2 Colonels, 4 Captains etc. If a Colonel dies on a mission soldiers will be promoted to fill the vacant positions.
''[[User:Stubbs|Stubbs]]: The manual for the game holds the answer:
Sergeant - there is one sergeant per 5 soldiers. If a position is vacant the best available Squaddie is promoted.
Captain - there is one Captain per 11 soldiers. If a position is vacant the best available Sergeant is promoted.
Colonel - there is one Colonel per 23 soldiers. If a position is vacant the best available Captain is promoted.
Commander - this is the supreme leader of X-COM forces - there is only one Commander. If there are at least 30 soldiers the best available Colonel will be promoted.''

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