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The Psionic Lab.

The Psionic Lab will allow you to test your soldiers for psionic powers. You may test up to 3 soldiers at a time, upon which they will be unable to join a mission during the 10 days testing time.

The chances of a soldier becoming Psionic depend on several factors:

  • The soldier's Will stat.
  • Its rank
  • The number of already existing Psionic soldiers
  • Whether Second Wave's More Than Human option is activated or not.
    • If activated then the number of tested soldiers will count until you received your first Psionic.

Psi Chance

If a soldier is a Major/Colonel, then the basic formula applies:

Psi chance = Soldier Will / 4 

So a Major/Colonel soldier with a Will of 80 has a 20% chance of becoming a Psionic.

With other ranks lower than these two, things get a bit more complicated:

Psi Chance = (Soldier Will + Bonus)/4
Bonus = 75 - (Soldier Rank * 20) - (Six Existing Psionics * 40)

Soldier rank starts at 0 for Rookies, while if you already have 6 Psionic soldiers then the bonus gets decreased.

  • A Squaddie with 45 Will and less than 6 Psionics already present in the Barracks would have a Psi Chance of (45 + (75 - 20))/4 or 25%.
  • A Squaddie with 45 Will and 6 or more Psionics present would have a Psi Chance of (45 + (75 - 20 - 40) or 15%

A complete description of the code function can be found here.

More Than Human

If this option is enabled then the odds will be much lower but the game uses a different formula to ensure you'll get your first Psionic soldier on the first 6 soldiers you test. If you test 5 soldiers without any of them becoming Psionic then the 6th one will be a Psionic.

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