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The Psimorph is a rare and highly specialized Alien. Its Psionic powers and defense are formidable, it is likely to be used as an Alien commander in battle situations. Despite its ability to fly, its mobility is limited due to its bulk and lack of a skeletal structure. Unlike other Alien types it seems to survive quite well in our environment. It represents a serious threat to our Agents. Our best form of defense is with biological weapons and strong Psi-defense.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia


  • Grown-In Weapon = Alien Mind Bender
  • Health = 420
  • Speed / Time Units = 36
  • Accuracy = 30
  • Reactions = 30
  • Stamina = 45
  • Strength = 50
  • Bravery = 80
  • Armour¹: 10/10/10/10/10/0
  • Psi Energy = 170 †
  • Psi Attack = 85
  • Psi Defense = 80
  • Size = large
  • Inventory = no
  • Movement = flying
  • Infiltration Influence = formidable ‡
  • Score = 30

¹ armour values : Head/Body/Left Arm/Right Arm/Legs/Under (approximately)
Errors: † 100 is maximum value. ‡ irrelevant - never appears within Mega-Primus' buildings.
Image, top to bottom: Alive, Use Psionics, Dead.

The creature has internal devices that generate an anti-grav field allowing it to float through the air. Without this mechanism the Psimorph would collapse in a mass of jelly-like flesh and tentacles. It has a number of separate brain structures which are extremely well developed indicating potential leadership functions and Psionic capabilities. All of the major organs are duplicated about twelve times which would seem to be a defense mechanism allowing the creature to function despite sustaining massive damage.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia

A large, floating, green balloon with short red fingers.

Psimorphs do not appear within any building.



A Psimorph is very resistant to psionics.

A Psimorph does not have any offensive capability. Psimorph's only method of combat is via Psionic manipulation of its victim. Humans and hybrids are often manipulated with with Panic, Stun, and Mind Control projections. It is a proficient psionic adversary.
Psimorphs tend to to avoid any direct confrontations with X-Com agents and instead are used to support front-line aliens in combat.
Panic and Stun projection are easy for a Psimorph and commonly used against humans and hybrid agents whereas Mind Control projections are usually succesful only against humans with weak Psi Defence. If panic is used, the Psimorph will stay 'mentally connected' to this targeted agent to keep them in a state of panic for long durations. Mind Control is usually of short duration but has the potential to be a powerful deterent to any X-Com assault unless only Android agents are used.
The Psimorph has very high health. Stunning a healthy Psimorph is not possible unless the lifeform's health is reduced to approximately half to two-thirds.
The size of this lifeform prevents it from moving freely through a UFO. Some visual detection problems

Psimorphs are resistant to stun gas, stun grapple and Toxin-A whereas Toxin-B has a more potent effect.

Psimorph research is another step further for understanding all alien lifeforms.

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