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Queenspawn (Alive).jpg

The Alien queen is ultimately the production unit for all Alien life forms. Its mobility is severely limited when fully grown and it also requires exactly the right atmospheric conditions in order to breed properly and produce the Alien eggs. These conditions are only provided by the spawning chambers inside an Alien building, which also provide a food source by plugging directly into the Queenspawn's blood supply. This confirms that the Aliens cannot conquer our dimension without a steady supply of Alien reinforcements through the Dimension Gates, although their motive for such incursions is still unknown.

Source: X-COM Apocalypse Ufopedia
Queenspawn Autopsy
Queenspawn Autopsy.jpg

The massive form of the Alien queen is designed to lay huge numbers of Alien eggs during its life time. The Queenspawn uses a complex asexual reproduction system to produce large numbers of Alien eggs in order to create new types of Alien creature. The importance of the Queenspawn for Alien population growth makes it an important strategic target.

Source: X-COM Apocalypse Ufopedia
Time Units 45-52
Health 600-696
Stamina 40-46
Reactions 20-23
Strength 60
Bravery 0
Psi Energy 0
Psi Attack 0
Psi Defense 90-100
Accuracy 60-67
Hidden Attributes
Head Armor 30-49
Torso Armor 30-49
Arm Armor 30-49
Leg Armor 30-49
Score 50
Size X 70
Size Y 20
Other information
Damage Modifier Group Queenspawn
Inventory no
Innate Weapon Tentacles
Unique Attributes immobile

The Queenspawn is the large mother worm responsible for the propagation of the Multiworm Eggs. There is only one queen and it is found in the Alien Dimension's Spawning Chamber. It is the largest alien fought in Battlescape.

There is only one chance to capture a live specimen of the Queenspawn. Successful capture is one of the requirements for Anti Alien Gas weapons that provide an area-effect variant of the Toxigun toxin for use in the final confrontations with the aliens.

Tactical Notes

The Queenspawn rests on a raised platform littered with its eggs. It is protected by laser curtains that surround the sides of the platform. The hall in front of the platform houses four troop reinforcement pads that provide additional guards.

The Queenspawn is extremely tough, but immobile. It can whip enemies with its tentacles, which can kill any unshielded X-COM agent with a single hit, even through Disruptor Armor. As the game lacks a melee attack mechanic, this is treated as a projectile attack, and has a surprisingly long range. Fortunately, it has a low rate of fire and the projectiles are slow and easily avoided. Furthermore, the Queenspawn has a limited field of fire, leaving its sides vulnerable. The Multiworm Eggs that surround it pose little to no threat to well-armored X-COM Agents. The greatest potential danger involving the Queenspawn is getting hit by one of its projectiles while distracted by its guards.

For advice on how to capture the Queenspawn, see Capturing Live Aliens.

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