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General Information

Alien route maps (.RMP) for moving around the pre-generated Battlescape terrain blocks.

RMP file structure

  • RMP stores the information used by the AI to determine alien patrol routes.
  • The size of each RMP file is dependent on the number of route nodes present on that map.
  • Each route node uses 24 bytes.
  • The first 3 bytes determine the position of the route node inside the map.
  • The next byte is reserved for use in ROUTES.DAT.
  • Starting on the 5th byte, the data indicates the connections from that node to the others present on the map:
    • 5th - Indicates the number of the connected node. If the next node is to be on another map section, then FB means it is in the west direction, FC the south, FD the east, and FE the north. FF means there is no next node.
    • 6th - The distance in squares to the connected node.
    • 7th - The type of unit that can use that connection (0 = Any, 1 = Flying, 2 = Flying Large, 3 = Large, 4 = Small).
  • There are 5 possible connections per node, and they are stored in the 5th to 19th bytes in the same format as above.
  • The last 5 bytes contain information regarding the type of unit that can use the node: its size, rank, flags (unknown purpose); (unknown purpose); and spawn.


The files in the /routes directory are:

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