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This high-powered, recoiless slugthrower can be fired in short bursts to devastating effect, although the sizes of its housing and power supply require it to be mounted on a MEC. Prior to our research on heavy lasers, we had no access to a small enough power source.

  • Effective range: Medium; 6-8 base damage, 10% critical chance, 11-13 critical damage
  • Miniaturized power supply derived from laser tech.
  • Only equipped by MEC troopers
  • Risk of catastrophic overheating precludes suppression with this weapon


Research Required Heavy Lasers
Base Costs §70
30 Alloys
10 Engineers
Base Damage 6-8
Critical Damage 10 or 12
Critical Chance 10%
Range Medium
Abilities Collateral Damage
  • Can only be used by MEC Troopers.
  • While the listed Critical Damage (on the EW DLC) is 11-13, the actual values are either 10 (33% of the shots) or 12 (66%) due to a game bug.
  • It has a very high ammo consumption level, allowing only for a couple of shots. Using the Collateral Damage ability will completely deplete its ammo level.
    • The ammo capacity can be increased by 50% with the Expanded Storage ability and and by a further 100% with the Ammo Conservation project.

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