Real-Time Combat (Apocalypse)

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Real Time Combat (RT)


also known with similiar mechanics to a playing style called "Real Time Strategy"

The Battlescape Mechanics

Aliens, Defence Forces, Corporate Hoods, Security Turrets, and Civilians all perform their actions when they chose, when needed and without waiting for the player if time is not paused.

  • All units move about or wait in ambush or hide.
  • Units will react automatically to hostiles by shooting or hiding, dependant on their autonomous attitude setting.
  • Wounding with bleeding (fatal wounds) will constantly drain an agent of their life if not arrested by using a medi-kit.
  • Fire will spread until it self extinguishes and gas effects will slowly dissipate.
  • Civilians will roam the battlescape in a panic.


The Options menu allows the game to instantly pause time if certain requirements are met, eg: "Unit under fire", when the battlescape isometric view is not near that certain trigger.
Note: if the player can see the agent which is under fire (or any other option enabled), the game will not pause automatically.


Mission time-progress can be slowed to allow the player to react to threats, plan movement patterns, etc. and also can be accelerated when things are slow. If a unit's inventory is accessed, time will immediately stop. Time can be paused whenever which allows the player perform certain actions:

  • Arm a grenade in an agent's hand and be ready to throw it by selecting a destination. When time resumes, the agent will immediately throw the grenade.
  • Probe any unit with only the initial cost in Psi-Energy instead of slowly depleting it.
  • Mind control a hostile and manipulate a grenade (as mentioned) or make them shoot at a target as soon time is resumed etc.

Real-Time Only Combat Tactics

Weapons are fired whenever a hostile is spotted and any aggressive agent will not stop until they are dead, the ammunition has run out or they have killed their target.

  • An agent can use two weapons simultaneously if equipped with one in each hand (dual-wield). Fire rate is doubled whereas accuracy is only decreased if either weapon is designed for two-handed use. Pistols are ideal and become more efficient killers if ammunition can be mantained.
  • Stun value depletes immediately once any stun-effect-cause ceases which may result in unconscious hostiles awakening unexpectantly soon after, increasing the threat to agents. Brainsuckers and Popper lifeforms are a severe threat if not killed outright.
  • Missile projectiles track a target which can be immediately (attempted to be) avoided by an agent with Cautious attitude without input from the player or time can be paused instantly to choose the best solution for escape.
  • Teleporters work when time is paused. It is possible to position agents ready to kill many hostiles when the mission is un-paused momentarily and then paused again so agents can use a second teleporter to escape to a safe area of the battlefield.
  • Base defence turrets will constantly fire on any hostile until ammunition is expired or energy reserves are depleted.
  • Multiple grenades can be thrown in quick succession using its timer (0.25seconds minimum to a maximum of 7.5seconds) before detonation or RMB on the explosive to detonate-on-contact.

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