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Reapers are an alien terror unit accompanying Floaters. As with all terror units, they can be encountered in Terror Mission, Base Defences, Alien Base Assault, with a Terror Ship or Battleship, and finally Cydonia.

The Reaper's only means of attack is its bite (which has power equal to its Strength). This means that it can't attack unless it's standing right next to its target, so as long as you're more than 14 squares away, or flying, it can't hurt you. The Reaper's main defense is that it has the highest health (148HP) of any unit in the game.


TUs:                   62-71
Health:                148
Energy:                90-104
Reactions:             64-79
Strength:              90-97
Bravery:               90
Psi Skill:             N/A
Psi Strength:          35-40

Damage:                90-97
Close Combat Accuracy: 80-92%
TUs:                   15

Live specimen

This bipedal carnivore has powerful jaws and a voracious appetite. It has a number of brain implants which are used to control its activity. The primitive predatory instincts of this creature are of little use except to terrorise and destroy. Reapers are commonly associated with Floaters.


Reaper - Autopsy

The Reaper contains two 'brains' and two 'hearts' which allow it to function even when heavily wounded. However its furry skin is highly flammable, making the creature vulnerable to incendiary weapons.


The following are some miscellaneous notes on the Reaper:

  • The Reaper's bite does 1.2x damage to unarmoured soldiers and civilians.
  • It does 0.9x damage to tanks and hovertanks.
  • It takes 1.7x damage from incendiary weapons.
  • It's quite large, making for an easy target.
  • Takes up 4 squares on the battlescape.
  • Has very high strength.
  • Quite low Psionic Strength, making it easier to mind-control and/or panic.
  • If next to its target, the Reaper can attack up to 4 or 5 times in one turn.

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