Reaper Rounds (EU2012)

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Reaper Rounds

Experimental ballistics have led to this specialized conventional weapon load. It can cause substantial extra damage to affected targets, but the additional casing elements make it less accurate at long range. The rounds will not work with pistols, though.

  • Affects conventional weapons only
  • Adds 20% to critical chance against organic targets
  • Doubles the weapon's range penalty


Research Required Experimental Warfare
Base Costs §30
6 Engineers
Abilities/Stats +20% Critical Chance
  • Reaper Rounds are designed to balance the increased research time of laser weapons and more varied early game tech tree allowed by Enemy Within, allowing you to deal with slightly tougher enemies (particularly Chryssalids) without lasers.
    • When your first terror mission appears, if you don't yet have laser weapons then equipping your troops with these is recommended to allow you to take down the comparatively high HP Chryssalids and zombies you'll encounter.
  • Snipers with Squadsight are not hampered by weapon range penalty, although Squad Sight still prevents the crit bonus. However, the bonus will be applied if enemies move within visual range or if Headshot is used with Squad Sight, allowing for an even higher crit chance.
  • Soldiers will not be able to equip this weapon if they are using Laser or Plasma weapons. If Reaper Rounds are equipped, switching to non-conventional weapons will automatically unequip Reaper Rounds.

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