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General Info

Re-arming is the final phase that an interception craft will go through after returning to base from an interception atttempt (regardless of whether any shots were fired). It involves the reloading/recharging of the craft's weapons, and then a checkup on ship systems. Reloading takes place every hour, at the top of the hour, reloading a number of shots as per the table below. Only one weapon will reload at a time; the left weapon will be loaded first until it is either fully loaded or until the relevant ammo stockpile is depleted, then it is repeated with the right weapon. The final readiness check takes an extra one hour, beyond the time it takes to ensure all weapons are fully loaded. Weapon loading and readiness checks are always completed at the top of the hour (HH:00:00).

Re-arming rates

Weapon Shots loaded per hour Max reload hrs (dual) Max reload hrs (single)
Cannon 100 5 3
Stingray Launcher 1 13 7
Avalanche Launcher 1 7 4
Laser Cannon 99 3 2
Plasma Beam 100 3 2
Fusion Ball Launcher 1 5 3

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