Repair Bay (Long War)

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Fac cyberneticslab.png
Effect MEC Troopers and Item repair
Adjacency Bonus Workshop (+5% discount/refund)
Prerequisites None
Other None
Build costs
Alien Alloys
§50 | - | - | - | 10
§75 | - | - | 10 | 5
Maintenance §10
Power 4

The Repair Bay enables augmentation of soldiers into MEC Troopers via the Engineering menu tab. Only one Repair Bay may be constructed, although it counts as a Workshop if built next to one. Dr. Shen strongly recommends that XCOM build and deploy MECs as quickly as possible.

  • Mechanized Exoskeletal Cybersuits, or MECs, are powerful battle suits that mount an array of useful weaponry and support equipment. In Long War, these can be ordered and built from the Armors tab in the "Build Items" menu entry instead of the previous Enemy Within Inventory system.
  • Each MEC can be customized to fit specific tactical approaches. If a MEC Trooper dies, his MEC suit is destroyed.
  • Please note that in Long War weapons, equipment and armor may become damaged and require some mending and repair after a mission. The Repair bay enables this new function, which requires a fraction of the build cost of each item and some time.

Item repair

All produced items have a chance to become damaged, based on the amount of health damage that a soldier took. If a soldier took no health damage, there is a 0% chance for the items on the soldier to become damaged. If a soldier was reduced to 0 health, there's a 20~95% chance for the item to become damaged depending on each item value (you can find each maximum chance that the item is damaged upon DefaultGameCore.ini). The actual chance scales with the health damage taken. Armor damage does cause the items to become damaged. Items in unlimited supply cannot become damaged. The Vortex Armor also cannot become damaged.

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