Rescue Transport (Apocalypse)

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Rescue Transport UFOPedia picture

General Information

Apoc rescue icon.png

Official Entry: "The airborne rescue vehicle serves as an ambulance and fire engine. It is specially equipped to deal with rescue situations involving car accidents and other disasters. However dealing with the Alien invasion is well beyond the scope of the rescue service which normally has little to do given the strict safety regulations governing all aspects of city life."

Cityscape Information

Airborne rescue crews respond quickly to evacuate any citizens in trouble and carry injured to the hospitals.

The vehicle is not armed and the crews are not equipped against hostile aliens so rescue crews rely on X-COM to clear the scene whenever an alien is detected so that the rescue crews do not need rescuing themselves.

The Rescue Transport can be unlocked for X-Com purchase by using Apoc'd. There actually is some useful service to be had from this vehicle due to its high cargo capacity; it's much cheaper than a military aircraft with the same capacity and it is fairly quick, meaning it shouldn't get left too far behind when heading out to missions. The Rescue Transport is helpess in combat and easily destroyed, but when deployed on missions to recover cargo, it is thematic.

Using the equipment template for the Bio-Trans (using Apoc'd) means you can upgrade the vehicle's hardware without crashing the game - you can even arm the Rescue Transport, though this isn't recommended.


Statistics Value
EngineSD Turbo
Engine Size2x4
Top Speed13
Equipment2 Cargo Module
Equipment Size3x4
Manufacturer*General Metro
Score points30

  • This vehicle cannot be normally purchased by X-COM.

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