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Dr. Vahlen, head scientist from the XCOM project.
The Main Laboratory.

Research is the core of XCOM, we must learn more about the enemy and how we can defeat them.

Dr. Vahlen

Dr. Vahlen is the Chief Scientist at the XCOM base. She will notify the Commander of any scientific breakthroughs achieved in Research, as well as providing scientific advice during combat missions.


For information on the structure, see Laboratory.


Scientists are the main driving force of research and progression, and are necessary to reduce rather significant research times of vital projects. While not extremely important to most, it would be a mistake to scoff at obtaining them. It is important to note that projects are not restricted to a set minimum of scientists. The five initial scientists will be able to research every project throughout the game, albeit at a very slow pace. Going from five to ten scientists will halve the time required for any research project, and going from 10 to 20 will half that again. Going from a 24 day project with five, to a 12 day with 10, and a 6 day with 20, and so forth. It is important to remember that while stacking scientists is very attractive with the significant research time reductions, one will run dry on Weapon Fragments, and not have enough engineers to even produce the products.

Research Point Cost

Research time is based upon a system of points in which one scientist generates one point per day of work until the required total is reached. Research credits reduce the total point requirement by amounts specified below. Researching Beam Weapons (120 Points) with the stock 5 scientists will take a total of 24 days. This is reduced to 12 days (60 Points) after the Beam Weapons Credit is obtained. Moving from 5 to 10 scientists will reduce the initial 24 day research time to 12 days, and adding the credit brings it to 6 days. It will take 6 days for 10 scientists to generate the 60 points required to complete research. Research points are not carried over between projects, but the points accumulated will remain if a project is changed before completion. For example, leaving Weapon Fragments with 35 of 40 points will keep it at that even if a separate research project is started and completed.

  • Research Formula: (P*R*L)-(S*D)=T
    • P = Point Cost (see listed numbers)
    • R = applicable research credits (.5 for the direct research class, i.e. Sectoid Interrogation for Beam Weapons, and, for example, the Ethereal Interrogation's "everything" bonus is another halving, making it .25)
    • L = Laboratory Bonus, found by number of laboratories and Adjacency bonus total (apparently cumulative, i.e.: 2 adjacent labs: 20%+20%+10%= 50% reduction in all research projects)
    • S = # of scientists
    • D = Days spent researching
    • T = Time remaining

The first half of the formula is the Point Requirement. In the game's coding, this is calculated separately from the variable that holds how many research points have gone into it. See Notes for full explanation.

For example:

Or, of course, Dr. Vahlen can simply tell you how many days for completion.


Research projects have a description, material prerequisites, credit cost, research points needed, results and what it allows. Each project will also have a Codename related to its topic. Some projects also unlock Storyline objectives required to progress in the game.

Starting Projects

Description Prerequisite Cost Research Point Cost
Xeno-Biology Research (EU2012).png
It is crucial that we gain a thorough understanding of the alien physiology in order to develop weapons and tactics better suited to combating them. None 4 Sectoid Corpses 40 Points Facility: Alien Containment
Research: Arc Thrower
Alien Alloys (EU2012).png
Alien Materials
Looking Glass
The aliens appear to be using materials that are lighter and stronger than anything we've ever seen. A cursory examination has already given us ideas for ways to improve the soldiers' current body armor, but more research is required. None 5 Weapon Fragments 40 Points Engineering: Nano-Fiber Vest
Research: Experimental Warfare, Carapace Armor
Weapon Fragments Research (EU2012).png
Weapon Fragments
These fragments are all that remain of the powerful alien weaponry we've encountered so far. Further study could lead to advances in our own weapons development programs. None 5 Weapon Fragments 40 Points Engineering: S.C.O.P.E.
Research: Experimental Warfare, Beam Weapons, Plasma Weaponry
Foundry: S.C.O.P.E. Upgrade


Description Prerequisite Cost Research Point Cost
Arc Thrower Research (EU2012).png
Arc Thrower
With our recent insights into the alien biological makeup, we believe it should be possible to create a device capable of incapacitating an alien subject without killing it. If our troops could capture an alien alive, perhaps we could interrogate it. Research: Xeno-Biology 10 Weapon Fragments 60 Points Engineering: Arc Thrower
Foundry:Improved Arc Thrower
Experimental Warfare Research (EU2012).png
Experimental Warfare
Skunk Works
Although our understanding of the alien technology is still limited, what we've seen so far is enough to revolutionize combat as we know it. If we are to level the playing field, we must adapt the alien technology for our own use. Research: Alien Materials or Weapon Fragments None 60 Points Facility: The Foundry
Engineering: Phoenix Cannon
Foundry:Alien Grenades, Improved Pistol I and HWP
Engineering: Flashbang Grenade, Reaper Rounds
Foundry: Tactical Rigging
Beam Weapons Research (EU2012).png
Beam Weapons
Our research into alien weapon fragments led to the idea of portable laser weaponry. Our early prototypes have been encouraging, but we continue to struggle with issues related to heat dispersion. Salvage: Alien Alloys and Research: Weapon Fragments 5 Alloys
10 Weapon Fragments
120 Points Engineering: Laser Pistol, Laser Rifle
Research: Precision Lasers, Heavy Lasers
Foundry: Improved Pistol II
Precision Lasers Research (EU2012).png
Precision Lasers
The alien weaponry appears to use a series of crystalline lenses to increase the power output of their weapons. While we can't recreate their materials, we can adapt the techniques to increase the range and power of our own laser weapons. Research: Beam Weapons 5 Alloys
5 Weapon Fragments
160 Points Engineering: Laser Sniper Rifle, Scatter Laser
Heavy Lasers Research (EU2012).png
Heavy Lasers
Our early experiments with oversized coolant coils and double lensing have shown the potential to greatly increase the firing rate of our laser weaponry. We may be able to use these advances in the development of ship-based cannons for our Interceptors as well. Research: Beam Weapons 5 Alloys
5 Weapon Fragments
160 Points Engineering: Heavy Laser, Laser Cannon, Railgun
Foundry: S.H.I.V. Laser
Plasma Pistol Research (EU2012).png
Plasma Pistol
Our understanding of plasma-based weaponry comes entirely from the alien materials recovered so far. The intact plasma-generating weapon recovered from the field has provided some incredible insights, and it's quite possible we could create a version suited for our own soldiers. Research: Weapon Fragments
Salvage: Plasma Pistol
5 Elerium
1 Plasma Pistol
40 Weapon Fragments
300 Points Engineering: Plasma Pistol
Foundry: Improved Pistol III
Light Plasma Rifle Research (EU2012).png
Light Plasma Rifle
This carbine-style weapon is capable of generating a direct, superheated charge of plasma - an intriguing and dangerous prospect. Further research could allow this technology to work in our favor. Research: Weapon Fragments
Salvage: Light Plasma Rifle
5 Elerium
1 Light Plasma Rifle
40 Weapon Fragments
340 Points Engineering: Light Plasma Rifle
Research: Plasma Rifle, Plasma Cannon
Plasma Rifle Research (EU2012).png
Plasma Rifle
An amazing piece of technology - this rifle maintains a seemingly normal form factor while containing a fully functional plasma generator. Even the most modern of our current power generation facilities are less efficient than this small device. Research: Light Plasma Rifle or Heavy Plasma
Salvage: Plasma Rifle
10 Elerium
10 Alloys
40 Weapon Fragments
340 Points Engineering: Plasma Rifle
Research: Heavy Plasma, Plasma Sniper Rifle, Alloy Cannon
Plasma Sniper Rifle Research (EU2012).png
Plasma Sniper
Our continued research into the alien's plasma weaponry has finally uncovered a fault in the design - the plasma bolt itself begins to dissipate at extreme ranges. We have several theories as to how this issue might be overcome, and if successful, the result would be a sniper rifle of unparalleled power. Research: Plasma Rifle
Research: Heavy Plasma
10 Elerium
10 Alloys
50 Weapon Fragments
300 Points Engineering: Plasma Sniper Rifle
Heavy Plasma Research (EU2012).png
Heavy Plasma
Despite a number of impressive advances, we are still in awe of the alien's mastery of plasma based weapons. This particular configuration seems to contain an even more complex magnetic plasma containment chamber, allowing for nearly continuous projection of plasma blasts. Research: Plasma Rifle
Salvage: Heavy Plasma
10 Elerium
10 Alloys
40 Weapon Fragments
340 Points Engineering: Heavy Plasma, Particle Cannon
Foundry: S.H.I.V. Plasma
Alloy Cannon Research (EU2012).png
Alloy Cannon
The density of the alien alloys we've been studying has precluded their use as ammunition; all of our experiments have resulted in the destruction of the weapon itself during our firing tests, as the alloys tear the barrel apart. However, we've devised a way to break the alloy into micro-shards, and using the magnetic containment field derived from the alien plasma weapons should allow for their safe discharge. Research: Plasma Rifle
Research: Heavy Plasma
5 Elerium
25 Alloys
40 Weapon Fragments
300 Points Engineering: Alloy Cannon
Plasma Cannon Research (EU2012).png
Plasma Cannon
With additional insulation to protect the avionics, it should be possible to equip our Interceptors with plasma weapons. By integrating a larger version of the containment housing developed for our other plasma weapons, the end result would be an extremely effective ship-based cannon. Research: Light Plasma Rifle or Plasma Rifle or Heavy Plasma 10 Elerium
30 Weapon Fragments
200 Points Research: EMP Cannon
Engineering: Plasma Cannon
EMP Cannon Research (EU2012).png
EMP Cannon
We've conceived of a weapon capable of disabling electronic systems without destroying them... if we were to equip our Interceptors with this technology, while also shielding them from the overall effect, this could greatly improve our odds of recovering alien technology intact. Research: New Fighter Craft and Elerium and Plasma Cannon 20 Elerium 400 Points Engineering: EMP Cannon
Foundry: S.H.I.V. Repair
Fusion Lance Research (EU2012).png
Fusion Lance
We've recovered a number of interesting materials from the wreckage of the battleship-class UFO. If we can gain a better understanding of the alien fusion core, I believe further research on this path may lead us to the development of an immensely powerful air-to-air weapon. Salvage: Fusion Core 20 Elerium
10 Alloys
50 Weapon Fragments
300 Points Engineering: Fusion Lance
Guided Fusion Launcher Research (EU2012).png
Guided Fusion Launcher
Using what we've learned from the advanced weaponry found aboard the larger UFO, we should be able to prototype a new projectile launcher with a uniquely powerful explosive shell. Salvage: Fusion Core 10 Elerium
20 Alloys
75 Weapon Fragments
400 Points Engineering: Blaster Launcher


Description Prerequisite Cost Research Point Cost
Carapace Armor Research (EU2012).png
Carapace Armor
We've continued our experiments on the alien alloys, and one of the proposed applications is a lighter, stronger form of body armor. Our early tests are very encouraging. Research: Alien Materials
Salvage: Alien Alloys
10 Alloys 140 Points Engineering: Carapace Armor, Alloy S.H.I.V.
Research: Skeleton Suit, Titan Armor
Skeleton Suit Research (EU2012).png
Skeleton Suit
Although the weight of this suit has been substantially reduced, its defensive capabilities are still intact...and the reduced weight has allowed us to couple that suit with the climbing grapple that we've been prototyping. Research: Carapace Armor 15 Alloys 200 Points Engineering: Skeleton Suit
Titan Armor Research (EU2012).png
Titan Armor
We've observed some of the alien combatants wearing a form of superheavy armor that still allows for full mobility in combat. This has been puzzling, to say the least, but with our new understanding of alien energy sources and their materials, we could develop powered armor of our own. Research: Carapace Armor, Elerium 15 Alloys
5 Elerium
400 Points Engineering: Titan Armor
Research: Ghost Armor, Archangel Armor
Ghost Armor Research (EU2012).png
Ghost Armor
Based on our continued study of the hyperwave "phasing" phenomena we've witnessed in the labs, we believe it should be possible to develop an armor kit mirroring these unusual properties. If successful, anyone wearing this suit would be extremely difficult to detect. Research: Titan Armor, Hyperwave Communication 15 Alloys
15 Elerium
340 Points Engineering: Ghost Armor
Archangel Armor Research (EU2012).png
Archangel Armor
With our unique access to the aliens super-efficient power systems, we believe it should be possible to fabricate a suit of armor that permits sustained flight on the battlefield. Research: Titan Armor, New Fighter Craft 15 Alloys
15 Elerium
340 Points Engineering: Archangel Armor
Foundry: Advanced Flight
Psi Armor Research (EU2012).png
Psi Armor
Analysis of the Psionic alien's implants indicates that we might be able to integrate these components into an armor kit... although this would be of no use to a soldier without psionic potential, it could greatly improve the abilities of those who do show promise in this area. Facility: Psi Lab
Research: Ethereal Device
10 Alloys
10 Elerium
300 points Engineering: Psi Armor

UFO Technology

Description Prerequisite Cost Research Point Cost
Alien Nav Computer Research (EU2012).png
Alien Nav Computer
The navigational control systems recovered from the crashed UFO seem to act as both a flight computer and a communications module. Further study may lead to improvements in our ability to detect incoming UFOs. Salvage: UFO Flight Computer 2 UFO Flight Computers 100 Points Facility: Satellite Nexus
Research: New Fighter Craft
Foundry: Stealth Satellites
UFO Power Source Research (EU2012).png
UFO Power Source
With the element known as "Elerium" housed within, this compact device is somehow responsible for generating the enormous amounts of power consumed by the alien vessels. Given time, we may be able to adapt this technology for our own fighter craft. Salvage: UFO Power Source 1 UFO Power Source 140 Points Facility: Elerium Power Generator
Research: New Fighter Craft, Elerium
Elerium Research (EU2012).png
Our initial observations of this element indicate that it is used by the aliens to generate anti-matter energy when bombarded with certain particles - providing them with a nearly inexhaustible source of power generation. Research: UFO Power Source 10 Elerium 140 Points Research: Titan Armor, EMP Cannon
Foundry: Improved Arc Thrower
Foundry: Elerium Jelly
New Fighter Craft Research (EU2012).png
New Fighter Craft
After extensive study of the alien gravity wave drive, as well as their power and navigational systems, we believe it should be possible to incorporate aspects of their design into a craft of our own. Research: Alien Nav Computer and UFO Power Source 10 Elerium
10 Alloys
75 Weapon Fragments
300 Points Engineering: Firestorm, Hover S.H.I.V.
Research: Archangel Armor, EMP Cannon


Description Prerequisite Cost Research Point Cost Allows
Sectoid Autopsy Research (EU2012).png
Sectoid Autopsy
Our initial scans of the small humanoid aliens recovered so far have revealed something quite remarkable. We're detecting components of non-biological matter embeedded within their internal structure. Could these be implants of some kind? Salvage: Sectoid Corpse 1 Sectoid Corpse 40 Points Engineering: Uplink Targeting (Aim)
Thin Man Autopsy Research (EU2012).png
Thin Man Autopsy
These aliens were clearly intended to be infiltrators, moving among us and observing without raising an alarm. However, the question remains, how were the aliens able to physically modify this species to achieve this goal?
EW DLC: These aliens were clearly intended to be used as infiltrators, moving among us and observing without raising an alarm. Their incredible range of motion is of particular interest to our own genetic research program.
Salvage: Thin Man Corpse 1 Thin Man Corpse 40 Points Foundry: Improved Medikit
Engineering: Gas Grenade
Genetics Lab: Muscle Fiber Density
Floater Autopsy Research (EU2012).png
Floater Autopsy
Crimson Cape
A torturous mass of flesh and machinery, the mere existence of this creature implies a cruelty that is difficult to comprehend. Salvage: Floater Corpse 1 Floater Corpse 40 Points Engineering: Defense Matrix (Dodge)
Muton Autopsy Research (EU2012).png
Muton Autopsy
Weighing in at over 275 kilograms, the majority of which is simply muscle and bone, this creature appears well suited for the rigors of front-line combat.
EW DLC: Weighing in at over 275 kilograms, the majority of which is simply muscle and bone, this creature appears well suited for the rigors of front-line combat. The specimen's natural ability to manage adrenaline levels could prove useful if we can study it further.
Salvage: Muton Corpse 1 Muton Corpse 40 Points Foundry: Ammo Conservation
Genetics Lab: Adrenal Neurosympathy
Chryssalid Autopsy Research (EU2012).png
Chryssalid Autopsy
A cursory examination of this creature reveals that it is similar in structure to several insect species found on Earth. Although covered in an exceedingly hard exoskeleton, the six appendages of this alien are nonetheless exceedingly light and flexible.
EW DLC: A cursory examination of this creature reveals that it is similar in form to several insect species found on Earth. The multilayered structure of the specimen's exoskeleton appears to harbor some form of sensory input, possibly as an electroreceptor of some kind.
Salvage: Chryssalid Corpse 1 Chryssalid Corpse 40 Points Engineering: Chitin Plating
Engineering: Needle Grenade
Genetics Lab: Bioelectric Skin
Drone Autopsy Research (EU2012).png
Drone Autopsy
This small robot appears to fill some sort of support role. We might be able to interface with its circuitry... and possibly subvert it in the field. Salvage: Drone Wreck 1 Drone Wreck 40 Points Foundry: Drone Capture
Foundry: Sentinel Drone
Cyberdisc Autopsy Research (EU2012).png
Cyberdisc Autopsy
On the surface this object appears to be purely robotic in nature, but we still suspect there may be an organic component lurking within.
EW DLC: On the surface this object appears to be purely robotic in nature, but we still suspect there may be an organic component lurking within. It appears to have a number of redundant systems that give it extraordinary survivability in combat..
Salvage: Cyberdisc Wreck 1 Cyberdisc Wreck 40 Points Engineering: UFO Tracking (Boost)
Genetics Lab: Secondary Heart
Sectoid Commander Autopsy Research (EU2012).png
Sectoid Commander Autopsy
The enlarged central nervous system and supplementary neural implants found in this Sectoid variant suggests capabilities unlike anything we've previously encountered.
EW DLC: The enlarged central nervous system and supplementary neural implants found in this Sectoid variant suggests capabilities unlike anything we've previously encountered. Further study may reveal ways in which we can use these capabilities to enhance our soldiers' protection against their attacks.
Salvage: Sectoid Commander Corpse 1 Sectoid Commander Corpse 60 Points Facility: Psionic Lab
Engineering: Mimic Beacon
Genetics Lab: Neural Feedback
Berserker Autopsy Research (EU2012).png
Berserker Autopsy
The body of this creature still remains warm to the touch several hours after being terminated. A chemical analysis of the alien's tissue will likely provide insights into this strange phenomenon.
EW DLC: The body of this creature still remains warm to the touch several hours after being terminated. A chemical analysis of the alien's tissue will likely provide insights into this strange phenomenon. Its brain also appears to have an almost modular structure, able to rapidly section off disrupted brain structures.
Salvage: Berserker Corpse 1 Berserker Corpse 40 Points Engineering: Combat Stims
Genetics Lab: Neural Damping
Heavy Floater Autopsy Research (EU2012).png
Heavy Floater Autopsy
This horrifying machine-flesh hybrid suggests the invaders are willing to stop at little, or nothing, to achieve their goals. Salvage: Heavy Floater Corpse 1 Heavy Floater Corpse 40 Points Foundry: Advanced Repair
Muton Elite Autopsy Research (EU2012).png
Muton Elite Autopsy
As if its heightened muscle density, hardened skin, and redundant organs weren't enough, this alien appears to have neural implants that facilitate command and control functions. Given the circumstances, this specimen would appear ideal for guard duty. Salvage: Muton Elite Corpse 1 Muton Elite Corpse 40 Points Research Credit: Plasma Weaponry
Sectopod Autopsy Research (EU2012).png
Sectopod Autopsy
The engineering advancements found in this machine are remarkable - the joint articulation, weapons systems and targeting capabilities in particular are well beyond current military developments on Earth. The practical applications are staggering. Salvage: Sectopod Wreck 1 Sectopod Wreck 40 Points Foundry: Advanced Construction
Ethereal Autopsy Research (EU2012).png
Ethereal Autopsy
This alien appears physically weak, even frail... but appearances can be deceiving. It is a remarkably hardy specimen, with a brain chemistry and structure utterly unknown to our science. Salvage: Ethereal Corpse 1 Ethereal Corpse 120 Points Engineering: Mind Shield


Description Prerequisite Cost Research Point Cost Allows
Sectoid Interrogation Research (EU2012).png
Interrogate Sectoid
We've taken one of the smaller aliens captive - hopefully we can develop a thorough interrogation process to overcome any language barriers we might encounter. Facility: Alien Containment 1 Captured Sectoid 40 Points Research Credit: Beam Weaponry
Thin Man Interrogation Research (EU2012).png
Interrogate Thin Man
It seems unlikely that this particular species will break under interrogation as quickly as the other captives, as we believe it was specifically intended to serve as an infiltrator. Still, perhaps if we use more aggressive techniques, we can... coax... it into revealing more information about how the aliens arrived here. Facility: Alien Containment 1 Captured Thin Man 40 Points Research Credit: UFO Technology
Floater Interrogation Research (EU2012).png
Interrogate Floater
Although this captive seems to be feeble of mind... clouded by rage... we might nonetheless be able to derive some benefit from a full interrogation. Facility: Alien Containment 1 Captured Floater 40 Points Research Credit: Basic Armor
Muton Interrogation Research (EU2012).png
Interrogate Muton
This captive is very aggressive, clearly having been intended to serve in a front-line combat role. With the appropriate drug therapy and... encouragement... we may be able to coax some useful intel on the alien weaponry and their tactics. Facility: Alien Containment 1 Captured Muton 40 Points Research Credit: Plasma Weaponry
Sectoid Commander Interrogation Research (EU2012).png
Interrogate Sectoid Commander
This captive is clearly a rare and dangerous specimen. We've already seen evidence of its unique mental abilities in the field... We should tread carefully, but we certainly cannot pass up the insights it might be able to provide during interrogation. Facility: Alien Containment 1 Captured Sectoid Commander 120 Points Facility: Psionic Lab
Research Credit: Psionics
Berserker Interrogation Research (EU2012).png
Interrogate Berserker
It's going to take our most powerful sedatives to keep this captive under control... but I feel it's worth the risk, as we may glean valuable intel from a successful interrogation. Facility: Alien Containment 1 Captured Berserker 40 Points Research Credit: All Armor
Heavy Floater Interrogation Research (EU2012).png
Interrogate Heavy Floater
This horrifying machine-flesh hybrid suggests that invaders are willing to stop at little, or nothing, to achieve their goals. Facility: Alien Containment 1 Captured Heavy Floater 40 Points Research Credit: Flight Technology
Muton Elite Interrogation Research (EU2012).png
Interrogate Muton Elite
I'm amazed we were able to capture one of the master aliens' bodyguards alive... It probably has a broad understanding of the invaders' weapon systems and tactics. Facility: Alien Containment 1 Captured Muton Elite 40 Points Research Credit: Weapons Technology
Ethereal Interrogation Research (EU2012).png
Interrogate Ethereal
We know this captive is harboring an incredible pool of psionic energy, a fact that is not lost on our staff, who are quite concerned about working in close proximity to the creature. In any case, we have no choice but to conduct a thorough interrogation of the subject if we hope to learn anything of value from it. Facility: Alien Containment 1 Captured Ethereal 200 Points Engineering: Mind Shield
Research Credit: All Technology


Description Prerequisite Cost Research Point Cost
Outsider Shard Research (EU2012).png
Outsider Shard
This shard is all that is left of the Outsider alien after it was stunned. Based on our interrogation of the alien captive, we know that the Outsiders are the key to finding their base. We should begin research on this item immediately. Research: Alien Interrogation and Salvage: Outsider Shard 1 Outsider Shard 60 Points Objective: Assault Enemy Base
Engineering: Skeleton Key
Hyperwave Beacon Research (EU2012).png
Hyperwave Beacon
The beacon that we recovered from the alien base appears to send and receive transmissions using a spectrum of energy unlike anything found on Earth. I can only imagine what we'll find after further study. Salvage: Hyperwave Beacon 1 Hyperwave Beacon 160 points Facility: Hyperwave Relay
Engineering: Ghost Armor
Ethereal Device Research (EU2012).png
Ethereal Device
The device we recovered from the Ethereal craft may be the final piece of the puzzle... the key to their psionic connection... and to the ultimate source of their power. With a better understanding of this technology, I believe we'll be on the brink of finding the source of this invasion. Salvage: Psi Link 1 Ethereal Device 160 points Facility: Gollop Chamber
Engineering: Psi Armor

Enemy Within DLC

Description Prerequisite Cost Research Point Cost
Meld Recombination (EU2012).png
Meld Recombination
The invaders appear to have deployed canisters of this strange substance in human-populated areas, perhaps as an experiment. It might also be a weapon of some kind. Further analysis could shed light on its potential dangers and applications. Salvage:Meld 0 40 Points Engineering: Genetics Lab, Cybernetics Lab, MEC-1 Warden
Genetics Lab: Hyper Reactive Pupils, Depth Perception, Adaptive Bone Marrow
Seeker Autopsy (EU2012).png
Seeker Autopsy
This is one of the invaders' most intricately engineered battlefield devices. The combination of concealment systems, artificial intelligence, and articulation on the appendages makes for a technological treasure trove. Salvage:Seeker Wreck 1 Seeker Wreck 40 Points Engineering: Ghost Grenade, Respirator Implant
Genetics Lab:Mimetic Skin
Mechtoid Autopsy (EU2012).png
Mechtoid Autopsy
This robotic cybersuit is designed for a Sectoid pilot. It appears that the suit's cybernetics interfere somehow with the Sectoids' innate mental powers. We should consider this if we decide to apply this type of technology to our own soldiers. Salvage:Mechtoid Core 1 Mechtoid Core 40 Points Foundry: Advanced Servomotors, Shaped Armor

Research Credits

Research credits are obtained by interrogating live aliens. Each one reduces the time to complete associated projects by 50%.

Research Credits
Credit Name Description Applies to Interrogated Alien
Beam Weapons Credit (EU2012).png
Beam Weapons
Having successfully disabled the Sectoid alien without terminating it, we were presented with a unique opportunity to study an intact version of the weapon integrated into its forearm. Although we've yet to devise a plasma weapon of our own, we believe aspects of this technology can also be applied to our existing laser-based prototypes. This should contribute to a reduction in the research and development time spent on these weapons. Research: Weapon Fragments, Beam Weapons, Precision Lasers, Heavy Lasers
Foundry: S.C.O.P.E. Upgrade, S.H.I.V. Laser, Ammo Conservation,
Plasma Weaponry Credit (EU2012).png
Plasma Weaponry
As the alien's front-line combat unit, the Muton has, as we expected, a complete understanding of the weapons systems employed by their forces. In particular, we've learned a great deal about the advances in plasma technology developed by the aliens, and as a result, our own research in this field should be greatly expedited. Research: Plasma Pistol, Light Plasma Rifle, Plasma Rifle, Plasma Sniper Rifle, Plasma Cannon
Foundry: S.H.I.V. Plasma
Muton or Muton Elite Corpse
Basic Armor Technology Credit (EU2012).png
Basic Armor Technology
Although gruesome and seemingly hobbled together, the Floater does have significantly better armor plating than anything currently available to our forces. Having completed the interrogation process on the subject, we've come to understand how this armor balances flexibility, weight, and damage reduction to suit the Floater's "unique" capabilities. With that in mind, we should be able to reduce the time to research initial armor prototypes. Research: Alien Materials, Carapace Armor, Skeleton Suit Floater
Armor Technology Credit (EU2012).png
Armor Technology
Having devised a battery of physical tests for the Muton "Berserker" captured by our soldiers, we were able to observe how it moves and engages obstacles despite the heavy armor plating it carries. This was an important step in our understanding of how their armor responds to physical exertion, remaining flexible while also maintaining the protection it was designed for. By incorporating this new data into our own designs, we should see a reduction in the research time of all armor related projects. Research: Alien Materials, Carapace Armor, Skeleton Suit, Titan Armor, Ghost Armor, Archangel Armor, Psi Armor Berserker
UFO Technology Credit (EU2012).png
UFO Technology
Although the "Thin Man" was among the most resistant to our interrogation attempts, we managed to uncover some interesting details. This species serves not only as an infiltration unit, but also as a sort of navigation specialist. It seems that the Thin Man is highly regarded among the aliens, and is indoctrinated with a wide variety of technical know-how as part of its "preparation" for deployment. Needless to say, the information gained from this subject should greatly reduce our research time as it corresponds to the UFO technology. Research: Alien Nav Computer, UFO Power Source,
Foundry: Stealth Satellites
Thin Man
Psionics Credit (EU2012).png
Given the proper inducement, the Sectoid "Commander" provided several insights into how the aliens use Psionics for communications, and specifically how this ability is used to interact with the Hyperwave Beacon. Given the speculative nature of our exploration into this field, this information will surely prove invaluable in reducing our research times as we look to develop this power for our own uses. Research: Psi Armor, Hyperwave Communication, Ethereal Device Sectoid Commander
Weapons Technology Credit (EU2012).png
Weapons Technology1
The "veteran" Muton specimen we've interrogated has revealed a number of intriguing details about some of the lesser-known weapon variants currently being deployed by the alien forces. This new information should provide a solid basis for our own development programs, reducing our research time on a variety of exotic weapons projects. Research: All Weapons, including Weapon Fragments
Foundry: Improved Pistol I-III, S.H.I.V. Laser, S.H.I.V. Plasma, Alien Grenade, S.C.O.P.E. Upgrade, Ammo Conservation
Muton Elite
Flight Credit (EU2012).png
Despite the weight and logistical factors involved in moving its heavily armored torso, the "Heavy Floater" is surprisingly maneuverable. After prodding the subject into a controlled flight-test, we've learned a great deal about the alien's propulsion systems. As a result of this information, I'm expecting a significant reduction in research times during the development of new aircraft. Research: New Fighter Craft, Archangel Armor
Foundry: Advanced Flight
Heavy Floater
All Technology Credit (EU2012).png
All Technology1
As one of the masterminds behind the alien invasion of Earth, the "Ethereal" alien specimen was, as expected, the most difficult to contain during our interrogation attempt. However, by monitoring changes in the Ethereal's brainwave patterns as we subjected it to varying levels of psychological stress, we were able to coax a great deal of information from the subject. As a result of these findings, we now have a backlog of new information regarding the alien technology, which should reduce our research times in all areas of study. Research: All techs
Foundry: All projects
1 These Research Credits apply a 25% reduction to research time on top of any other research credits.


  • You can "double dip" with a captured Alien. You can interrogate an Alien, and if it's the only one of that Alien you own, you can immediately go for the autopsy once the interrogation is complete.
  • Research Credits act "retroactively." From a programming standpoint: the points of research that have gone into a project are recorded, and Credits cut "points needed for completion," not "points remaining to completion."
    • If you get at least 61 points done into Beam Weapons, switch to completing the Sectoid Interrogation, and continue the Beam Weapon research, you'll only need a moment in the Mission Control screen to finish Beam Weapons.
    • So, if you're in a month where you're going for "We Have Ways" (South America), you have a backlog of Interrogations to do (Sectoid, Floater, Thin Man); some clever if intensive micromanaging can make very efficient use of time in researching the weapon fragment/beam weapon tree, alien materials/early armor tree, and the Generator/Computer research projects as soon as you finish getting Satellite Coverage in South America.
  • To compliment the above: while starting research projects has a material cost, the materials are not actually consumed until completion. Thus, you can switch between research projects as needed without worrying about wasting those weapon fragments.

Research Times with Enemy Within DLC

  • Research times have been increased by +40% on Classic and by 70% on Impossible difficulties.
  • This applies to all techs, except:
    • Xenobiology
    • Weapon Fragments
    • Alien Materials
    • Experimental Warfare
    • Meld

Tech Trees

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