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"There were three resistance groups that we considered a legitimate threat to ADVENT. Each has proven resilient without XCOM intervention. Together, they'd make one hell of a fighting force. Too bad they hate each other more." - Bradford [1] Resistance Factions are a mechanic added in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen.


The Resistance Factions are the three largest resistance organizations other than XCOM itself, and have allied with it against their common enemy in ADVENT. After the Resistance Ring is built, they will assist XCOM by working with soldiers on Covert Actions and setting up Resistance Orders that grant passive bonuses on both the strategic and tactical layers of the game.

Members of the Resistance Factions can also be recruited as soldiers, allowing the use of their special skills in battle.

List of Factions

  • Reapers: Reclusive survivalists that shun the use of alien technology. They excel in stealth operations and work out of the wilderness and the abandoned cities.
  • Skirmishers: ADVENT hybrids that have broken free of the psionic network. Declared traitors by the Elders, they now seek to overthrow their masters and prevent anyone else from being enslaved as they were.
  • Templars: A cult of psionic warrior-mystics descended from Psi Operatives that escaped the fall of the X-COM base in the first invasion. They claim to harness the psionic energy flowing through the Earth itself, and believe that the Elders seek to steal that power for themselves.