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General Information


This highly accurate sniper rifle has laser guided sights and takes 6.7mm ammunition in 20 round clips.

Source: Enemy Unknown Ufopaedia

(h x w)
3 x 1
Weight 8
D. Threshold TBA
Grip Two-Handed
TU Cost Accuracy
Auto 35% 35%
Snapshot 25% 60%
Aimed 80% 110%
Sale Price $2,250
Research None
Purchase Price $3,000
Rifle Clip
(h x w)
1 × 1
Weight 3
D. Threshold TBA
Damage 30 Armour Piercing
Capacity 20
Sale Price $150
Research None
Purchase Price $200

The standard Rifle is X-COM's standard issue light firearm at the beginning of the campaign. The Rifle is a well balanced weapon that can be adapted to a variety of situations at any range.

The Rifle is not a very powerful weapon, dealing only slightly more damage than the standard Pistol. However, it compensates for this by having an auto-shot and a very accurate though slow aimed mode. The Rifle also comes with a large 20-round ammunition clip.

Though the Ufopaedia describes it as a sniper rifle, the low damage and extremely high cost to aim the Rifle are at odds with this description. It can indeed snipe but is not especially effective at it. The high accuracy does allow the Rifle to finish off a wounded enemy from a distance, or for carefully chipping away at the health of an enemy intended for capture.

Until more advanced weapons are available, the Rifle is a competent weapon for fighting against the enemies encountered early in the campaign. Like the Pistol, it can be used later as a training weapon or when fighting psionic enemies.

This weapon appears in UFO: Enemy Unknown. For the Terror from the Deep equivalent, refer to the Jet Harpoon.

Key Features
  • Auto Fire
Pros Cons
  • Cheap
  • High Ammo
  • Rapid snap-shot
  • Moderate snap/auto accuracy
  • High aimed accuracy
  • Weak
  • Very slow Aimed-shot


Until new weapon technologies are discovered, the Rifle is a good all-purpose weapon for fighting enemies with low armour such as Sectoids, Snakemen and Floaters. It can be used in a variety of roles from sniping with aimed shots, scouting and reacting with snapshots or for close range assaults with auto-fire.

Later, when better weapons are available, they may retain some use when fighting against psionic aliens. Combined with the Power Suit, soldiers can safely harm psionic aliens but not each other if they succumb to mind control.

If you find yourself concentrating primarily with Snap or opportunity fire attacks, other alternatives to the Rifle include the standard X-COM Pistol and the Heavy Cannon. Both weapons have the same Snap shot accuracy as the Rifle. The Pistol provides faster Snaps at the cost of a minuscule reduction in damage. The Heavy Cannon on the other hand costs more to fire but has nearly double the damage.

Usage notes

The following lists how many times a soldier can fire the gun by shot type continuously in any given round and the remaining percentage of any left over TUs that cannot be spent as a shot.

  • Aimed: 1 Shot, 20% Remaining TUs (not sufficient for any further fire)
  • Snap: 4 Shots, 0% Remaining TUs
  • Auto: 2 Bursts, 30% Remaining TUs (enough for 1 further Snap shot)

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