SHIV (롱 워 리밸런스)

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Soldiers SHIVS.png

While Long War set out to enhance the Super-Heavy Infantry Vehicle to make it a more viable replacement for soldiers, Long War Rebalance takes a different approach. Only one S.H.I.V. can be controlled at any time during a mission, making them a special kind of unit that brings raw damage, durability, and a degree of utility to the field, thanks to their numerous upgrades and equipment options. In addition to being stronger overall, all S.H.I.V. units can now be used as partial cover, rather than just the Alloy S.H.I.V. Moreover, the basic S.H.I.V. is now available from the beginning of the campaign, including the first mission. They can not be rebuilt if destroyed.

SHIV Types
Type Production Cost Stats
Credits Alloys Elerium Base HP Armor HP Aim Defense Damage Resistance Mobility Item Slots Flight Capability
Regular 270 0 0 12 10 55 0 3 6.8 4 N
Alloy 330 90 0 16 18 55 0 4 8.1 4 N
Hover 390 90 45 14 14 55+30 20 3 8.7 4 Y (16 fuel)

Like other units, S.H.I.V platforms must have their weapons replaced individually. All units start with the baseline Autocannon (with an unlimited quantity in stock, much like the other basic ballistic weapons), which can be upgraded for each tier of weapon. New weapons must be manufactured by Engineering, and they can be found in the same section as MEC armaments.

S.H.I.V.s, like most mechanized units, have built-in damage reduction, which makes them a bit more durable, especially against light weapons. Much cheaper than MEC Troopers, and with 'abilities' swappable as equip-able modules giving them a significant degree of flexibility, these units will prove to be a valuable asset to XCOM.

It is advisable to have at least a small pool of S.H.I.V. units in reserve, to fill any gaps when your Barracks list reads nearly entirely "Fatigue", and to help deal with smaller crashed UFOs that you still may want to gather materials from, as their raw damage and durability can potentially serve as a replacement for high-ranking soldiers.