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"These high-powered robotic units can unleash devastating frontline attacks or absorb incoming fire and protect the squad."

The SPARK is a robotic soldier introduced in the Shen's Last Gift DLC, unlocked either after completing the Lost Towers mission or the Mechanized Warfare research project.

Primary Weapon: Heavy Autocannon

Secondary Weapon: SPARK BIT

Class Role

Unlike the MEC Troopers of Enemy Within, SPARKs are entirely robotic. As a result, they are unaffected by fire, poison, or mental conditions (e.g. Disoriented) but cannot be healed with medkits. With War of the Chosen active, they also do not get tired. However, they cannot benefit from a PCS or carry items and cannot use weapon upgrades without War of the Chosen installed.

A damaged SPARK must be staffed in Engineering to restore its health in between deployments, but can be sent on a mission regardless of how badly injured it is. That said, making a new SPARK is expensive and time-consuming so this should only be done as a last resort.

Like the MEC, a SPARK cannot benefit from cover but should still use it when possible to maintain Concealment.

SPARKs can scale vertical distances without needing climbing aids, and their default armor gives them a free point of armor; armor upgrades will grant up to two more armor points. In addition to their large HP pool, the BIT can carry a heavy weapon and allows the SPARK to remotely hack terminals and watchtowers like a Specialist (although with much less effectiveness due to their poor Hack skill). Offensively, their innate access to Shredder makes them valuable against hard targets and with their Overdrive skill they can shoot up to three times in one turn (albeit with an Aim penalty after the first shot if the right skill is not taken).

The SPARK's FUTURE COMBAT path focuses on improving the SPARK's ability to take damage and act as a tank for the squad, minimizing the damage it takes and granting it the only method of healing itself in the middle of a mission. The WAR MACHINE tree is more offensively focused with an emphasis on close range combat. In theory, its Nova ability can inflict a staggering 24-30 damage in a single turn, although doing so is likely to badly damage or outright destroy the SPARK itself in the process.


Rank Ability
Squire Overdrive

Take three actions this turn, and no action is turn-ending. Multiple Standard Shots incur a 15% aim penalty after the first shot. 4 turn cooldown

Autocannon attacks shred armor.
Mechanical Chassis

This unit is immune to fire, poison and mental conditions.


Attempt to remotely breach security on a network access point with your SPARK BIT.

Aspirant Bulwark
Gain a point of armor and always provide high cover to all adjacent squadmates.
Cover is provided to all adjacent units, including enemies. Do not attack at point blank with this upgrade.
Adaptive Aim
The penalty for firing multiple shots during Overdrive is removed.
Knight Rainmaker
Equipped Heavy Weapons deal +2 damage and have increased area of effect.
Rocket Launcher and Blaster Launcher increase blast radius by 2. Flamethrower, Shredder Gun, Hellfire Projector, and Shardstorm cannon have conic AoE length and diameter increased by 2. Plasma Blaster has linear AoE width increased by 2.
Attack any enemy within movement range with a powerful melee attack. 3 turn cooldown.
Subject to Aim penalty if Overdrive is active and standard shots were fired beforehand.
Cavalier Intimidate
When targeted by an attack, the enemy has a chance to panic.
Panic chances increased with higher-tier armor. Activates with melee and AoE attacks, but not Overwatch.
Wrecking Ball
When Overdrive is active, destroy walls and cover by walking through them.
Vanguard Repair
Send the BIT to a damaged robotic ally and repair it. Advanced BITs can repair slightly more.
Restores 6 HP by default, with higher tier BITs healing more. Does not end the turn if used as the first action. Can be used on self. 2 charges.
Launch the BIT to any visible location where it releases a powerful explosive blast. Advanced BITs do more damage.
Damage improves with higher tier BITs. Can target any location in squadsight.
Paladin Channeling Field
Every time you are targeted, part of the energy is channeled into your heavy autocannon. This energy is unleashed with your next Standard Shot.
Each point of energy increases the next Standard Shot's attack power by 1. Energy will be expended even if the powered up shot misses.
Hunter Protocol
When an enemy is revealed, there is a 33% chance to take a free Overwatch shot.
Champion Sacrifice
Generate a protective field which redirects any attacks against allies inside it towards you. Gain bonus defense and armor while active.
Adds +20 Defense and +2 Armor when active. 3 turn cooldown.
Release a blast of energy, damaging all nearby enemies. This attack has no cost or cooldown, but consecutive Novas will damage the SPARK.
Free action. Circular area of effect centered on the SPARK, with a radius of 3. The first use of Nova in a turn is safe, but repeated uses during that turn deal a stacking 2 damage to the SPARK (e.g. 2 HP for the second use, 4 HP for the third use, etc.).