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X-COM Scoring

X-COM's performance is measured by way of a score that accrues monthly and is used in part to make the decisions of the funding countries in both their council deliberations on the organisations success, and also when making their individual judgements to change funding levels.

Bonus Points

Starting from the second month, X-COM receives +400 bonus points at each month.


X-COM receive points each time a UFO is destroyed or grounded. Note that if a UFO 'crashes' (per Intercept popup) over the ocean, it only counts as 'grounded' as the funding countries cannot be sure the aliens do not have the ability to repair craft and return from an underwater crash site, and there is no way to do a UFO Crash Recovery in the oceans to be sure.

UFO Type UFO Destroyed UFO Grounded
Small Scout10050
Medium Scout15075
Large Scout250125
Supply Ship800400
Terror Ship1000500

However, it is actually impossible to destroy a Supply Ship, Terror Ship or Battleship, unless you use a game editor.

X-COM lose points if one of their own craft are destroyed.

Craft Type Craft Destroyed

Battlescape Missions

During an X-COM battlescape mission, points can be gained or lost by the following actions.

Note that if you abort the mission without completing it, you still get points for performing the actions below. Specifically, you have to kill aliens and/or drag stunned aliens, equipment, and/or Elerium back to your ship (or base green area - NOT the red elevator area). Aliens that were killed in a UFO crash (already dead when you got there) do not count. (Briefly visiting a crash site, then dusting off, doesn't get you any points - you have to do things to get points.)

Also note that generally speaking, you get more points from Destroying small UFOs than for Crashing them and then completing a ground mission. The reverse is true for large UFOs. (Compare Destroying vs. Grounding points vs. Points you can walk away from a Crash with.)

However, the salvage value of UFOs may be of greatest importance -- and no equipment can be recovered from destroyed UFOs. The greatest possible recovery value can be gotten from UFOs which are attacked after they land under their own power -- although that earns you no Interception points.

Mission Objectives

Action Points
Civilian killed by X-COM-50
Civilian killed by Aliens-30
X-COM soldier MIA-20
X-COM soldier killed-20*
HWP destroyed-20
Civilian Saved30
Alien Base destroyed500

* This increases as the soldier gains rank and experience.

Alien Casualties

X-COM receives points for capturing or killing an Alien during a battlescape mission.

Race/Rank Killed Captured*
Floater Soldier1224
Floater Navigator1428
Floater Medic1632
Floater Engineer1836
Floater Leader2550
Floater Commander3570
Sectoid Soldier1020
Sectoid Navigator1224
Sectoid Medic1428
Sectoid Engineer1632
Sectoid Leader2040
Sectoid Commander2550
Snakeman Soldier1530
Snakeman Navigator1734
Snakeman Engineer2040
Snakeman Leader2856
Snakeman Commander3672
Ethereal Soldier2040
Ethereal Leader3060
Ethereal Commander4080
Muton Soldier1530
Muton Navigator1734
Muton Engineer1938

Note that despite the values for live specimens existing in-game, it is not actually possible to capture a live Sectopod or Cyberdisk.

* You will only receive 10 points for capturing any alien species + rank combo already in containment. Ethereal Cereal: What about ones that have been researched & are no longer in containment? Needs more testing. tequilachef: I repeatedly got zero points for capturing Reapers while already having a bunch of them in containment, but not researched.

Item Recovery

Collection of Alien Artefacts, corpses and craft parts also gains X-COM points. An "artefact" is something you have yet to research that was carried by the aliens (weapons, ammo and Mind Probe). Once you research an artefact you no longer receive points for finding that item in future missions. This is a reason not to research alien weapons you likely won't use such as the Plasma Pistol. Items that spawn in the Battlescape (as opposed to alien inventories) continue to generate X-COM points after they have been researched.

Item Points
Alien Alloys1
Alien Grenade1
Blaster Bomb1
Heavy Plasma Clip1
Mind Probe1
Plasma Pistol Clip1
Plasma Rifle Clip1
Stun Bomb1
Alien Entertainment2
Alien Food2
Alien Surgery2
Examination Room2
Celatid Corpse3
Chryssalid Corpse3
Cyberdisc Corpse3
Plasma Pistol3
Reaper Corpse3
Sectopod Corpse3
Silacoid Corpse3
Plasma Rifle4
Small Launcher4
Blaster Launcher5
Elerium-115 (Per 50 units)5
Ethereal Corpse5
Floater Corpse5
Heavy Plasma5
Muton Corpse5
Sectoid Corpse5
Snakeman Corpse5
UFO Navigation5
UFO Power Source20


An evaluation on your total score is given at the end of each mission.

Ranking Score
Excellent501 or better
Good201 to 500
OK1 to 200
Poor-199 to 0
Terrible-200 or worse


X-COM also receive points for the completion of research projects.

Research ProjectPoints
Plasma Pistol Clip5
Plasma Rifle Clip6
Heavy Plasma Clip7
Blaster Bomb10
Craft Laser Cannon10
Heavy Laser10
Laser Pistol10
Laser Rifle10
Laser Weapons10
Stun Bomb10
Laser Defenses15
Tank/Laser Cannon15
Alien Grenade20
Flying Suit20
Motion Scanner20
Personal Armor20
Plasma Pistol20
Power Suit20
Craft Fusion Weapon25
Craft Plasma Weapon25
Fusion Defenses25
Grav Shield25
Hyper-Wave Decoder25
Mind Probe25
Mind Shield25
Plasma Defenses25
Plasma Rifle25
Alien Abduction30
Alien Alloys30
Alien Entertainment30
Alien Food30
Alien Reproduction30*
Alien Surgery30
Heavy Plasma30
New Fighter Craft (Firestorm)30
New Fighter-Transporter (Lightning)30
Small Launcher30
UFO Construction30
UFO Navigation30
UFO Propulsion30
Ultimate Craft (Avenger)30
Blaster Launcher40
Alien Autopsies (Each)50
Alien Interrogations50**
Alien Origins60
Cydonia or Bust60
The Martian Solution60

* Alien Reproduction is normally not accessible (or researchable) during the game, but you can add one to your General Stores via hacking.

** You receive 50 points for each new UFOpaedia entry generated by an alien interrogation. A given alien can generate several UFOpaedia entries, or none at all. (See Researching aliens for more information.)

Alien Scoring

Aliens score points for various actions as well.

Alien ActionScore
Each UFO that flies over the Earth (per 30 mins)1
Each UFO that lands (per 30 mins)2
Each day an alien base exists on Earth (Per base)5
A terror mission in a remote area is performed successfully*10
A harvest mission is performed successfully*30
An abduction is performed successfully*50
Alien base is built50
Aliens sign a pact with a funding country150
A city terror site is ignored by X-COM1000

Notes on Alien Score

  • Success is counted each time an UFO takes off. If a single ufo lands multiple times, it will score each time it starts flying again including if disturbed by an unsuccessful X-COM mission.
  • Successful Alien Research, Retaliation and Supply missions do not score any points for the aliens.
  • The aliens' score can be viewed by looking in the graphs menu. At the end of the month it is subtracted from X-COM's score to give the player's score for the month. It is reset at the end of each month just like the player's.

Losing The Game

You can lose the game in the following ways:

  • If you are in debt over $1 million at the end of any month, after funding and maintenance has been calculated, the council will give you a warning. The warning they give about not going over $2 million in debt should presumably read $1 million. The 2nd time you are over $1 million in debt, the project is cancelled. However, there is a rather large bug. There is actually a check whether the "Has X-COM received a financial warning?" flag has been raised. If no, a warning is issued and the flag is raised. If yes, then the game ends, and the flag is lowered. HOWEVER, this flag is erroneously not connected to any particular savegame, it is global across all savegames. This allows strange results when saving and loading games.
  • If you have two consecutive "bad" months in terms of score--
    • -900 (Beginner)
    • -800 (Experienced)
    • -700 (Veteran)
    • -600 (Genius)
    • -500 (Superhuman)
    • The actual equation is Terminator= -900 + difficulty*100; where beginner is 0, experienced is 1, veteran is 2, genius is 3 and superhuman is 4.
  • If all X-COM bases are captured by Aliens. (But you can stay in the game by starting a new base before your last base is captured - see Access Lift.)
  • If you fail your attempt to destroy Cydonia!

See Also

ALIEN.DAT - Where the aliens' score is tracked
XCOM.DAT - Where score from missions and interceptions is tracked
UIGLOB.DAT - Where scores generated from research completion is stored