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In Long War, all Second Wave options are available from the start.
In Long War, all Second Wave options are available from the start.

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In Long War, all Second Wave options are available from the start.

  • Damage Roulette: Same damage algorithm as in Long War EU. Displayed damage on item cards will correctly reflect this setting.
  • New Economy: Same as in Long War EU.
  • Strict Screening: Replacement for Not Created Equally. By default soldiers will have randomized but balanced starting stats. Selecting this option will revert to fixed starting stats for all soldiers.
  • World Diversity: Replacement for Hidden Potential. By default soldier stats on Level Up are not randomized, but if this option is selected they will be. It will also allow for unbalanced starting solder stats (some soldiers will have more "points" at creation). If both Strict Screening and World Diversity are selected they "cancel" in terms of starting soldier stats.
  • Training Roulette: Soldier perks are randomized. This may include some MEC perks. In general the list of randomized perks is different than in vanilla. (For example, Field Medic cannot be randomized).
  • Save Scum: Unchanged from Vanilla EW
  • Red Fog: Significantly changed from vanilla. Aliens and robotic units are affected. Aim and Mobility penalty scales linearly with damage taken. High Will stat can reduce the effect. Robotic units have "infinite" will for this purpose, and so will not have aim/mobility penalties until they drop below 50% health
  • Absolutely Critical: Unchanged from Vanilla EW
  • Liberation: Replaces Psionic Interrogation (requirements for psionics are completely changed). New SW option requires that all countries be re-taken prior to launching the final mission.
  • Not-so-Long War: Replaces Marathon. Generates fewer missions per month and reduces requirements for various things to compensate.
  • Results Driven: Income varies with panic level, and the formula has been adjusted to be based on the new 100 point panic scale.
  • High Stakes: Abduction cash rewards are randomized (between §50 and §150) instead of fixed (but can still be only cash)
  • Diminishing Returns: Unchanged from Vanilla EW
  • More Than Human: Chance to successful training a psionic power is reduced. Failing to train still does not prevent further attempts.
  • Itchy Trigger Tentacle: Unchanged from Vanilla EW
  • War Weariness: Funding reduced over time. Rate of funding reduction slowed to match Long War timescale
  • E-299: Renamed to be more consistent with chemical notation. Rate of Elerium decay reduced to match Long War timescale.
  • Total Loss: By default soldiers that are MIA (either mission failed or soldier was left behind on abort) have a 50% chance to have their gear recovered, and dead soldiers on successful missions always have their gear recovered. Total loss results in equipment loss for all dead soldiers and all MIA soldiers.
  • Alternate Sources: Increased power requirement. Values adjusted for Long War.
  • Aiming Angles: Unchanged from Vanilla EW
  • Mind Hates Matter: By default only the Neural Damping genemod is prohibited to psionic soldiers. With this option all genemods are prohibited to psionic soldiers