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In Long War, all Second Wave options are available from the start. There are 31 options.

# Name Text Notes
0 Damage Roulette Weapons have much wider range of damage. Same damage algorithm as in Long War EU. Displayed damage on item cards will correctly reflect this setting.
1 New Economy The funding offered by individual council members is randomized. Same as in vanilla EU.
2 Strict Screening Rookies' starting starts are fixed at the averages of soldiers' typical ranges. Replacement for Not Created Equally. By default soldiers will have randomized but balanced starting stats. Selecting this option will revert to fixed starting stats for all soldiers.
3 Hidden Potential Soldier stats at level-up are randomized.
4 Training Roulette Each soldier's training tree will be partially randomly generated. Soldier perks are randomized. This may include some MEC perks. In general the list of randomized perks is different than in vanilla. (For example, Field Medic cannot be randomized).
5 Save Scum Loading a saved game will reset the random number seed. Unchanged from Vanilla EW.
6 Red Fog Any wound taken in combat will degrade soldier's aim and mobility. Aliens are affected. Significantly changed from vanilla. Aliens and robotic units are affected. Aim and Mobility penalty scales linearly with damage taken. High Will stat can reduce the effect. Robotic units have "infinite" will for this purpose, and so will not have aim/mobility penalties until they drop below 50% health
7 Absolutely Critical Flanking shots receive +100 bonus (instead of +50) to critical hit chances. Unchanged from Vanilla EW.
8 Liberation You must free all countries from alien control. Replaces Psionic Interrogation (requirements for psionics are completely changed). New SW option requires that all countries be re-taken prior to launching the final mission.
9 Dynamic War Default is 50% of Long War. Replaces Marathon. A tunable version of long war with a new alien strategic AI, scaled number of alien missions and adjusted economy. Unadjusted, this generates 50% of number of alien missions that standard Long War would, but this can be adjusted in the LongWar.ini file. More info on scaling.
10 Results Driven A country will offer less funding as its panic increases. Income varies with panic level, and the formula has been adjusted to be based on the new 100 point panic scale.
11 Cinematic Mode XCOM units are significantly more accurate during tactical combat. All soldiers and SHIVs get +15 to hit in all cases.
12 Diminishing Returns The cost of satellites increases with everyone which is build. This has been changed compared to vanilla in two ways, making it slightly more reasonable for Long War. The cost increase of satellites increases based on total number of satellites - those launched, built/in-storage, and queued for being built. It's also no longer possible to place a build order for more than one satellite at a time, avoiding the cost. On the other hand, satellites being shot down won't result in crazily escalating satellite costs, because the costs will go down with lost satellites. The scaling factor for how much satellite costs increase has been toned down, along with the engineer requirement increase. However, the time-to-build satellites is not decreased.
13 Wear and Tear Items carried by soldiers will sometimes wear out after missions, even if the soldier isn't injured.
14 Itchy Trigger Tentacle Upon being revealed aliens may choose to fire immediately. Unchanged from Vanilla EW, but always enabled during alien base assaults.
15 War Weariness Overall funding levels drop over time. Funding reduced over time. Rate of funding reduction slowed to match Long War timescale.
16 Bronzeman Mode Allows restart of missions via Pause menu in Ironman mode. This option enables tactical mission restart option on Ironman campaigns. (E-299 SW option will no longer be available).
17 Total Loss Sometimes lose gear from soldiers who are killed or left behind. By default soldiers that are MIA (either mission failed or soldier was left behind on abort) have a 50% chance for each of their equipped gear to be recovered, and dead soldiers on successful missions always have their gear recovered. Total loss results in the same penalty for dead soldiers on successful missions as there is for MIA soldiers.
18 Commander's Choice You may select the class of each soldier upon promotion to specialist. Use the cycle-soldier icons at the bottom of the class selection screen in the barracks view to rotate through the classes. For Controllers press L1/R1 or LB/RB or whatever you use to cycle soldiers.
19 Aiming Angles Units receive an aim bonus the closer they are to flanking an enemy. Unchanged from Vanilla EW.
20 Mind Hates Matter Genetically modified soldiers cannot undergo psi testing, and vice versa. By default only the Neural Damping genemod is prohibited to psionic soldiers. With this option all genemods are prohibited to psionic soldiers.
21 Hidden Trees You cannot see perk options for ranks a given soldier has not attained.
22 Durability Items never need to be repaired.
23 United Humanity EXALT is inactive.
24 The Friendly Skies Your interceptors are significantly more accurate during air combat.
25 We Are Legion Start with the two squad size increases already developed and use additional troops on some covert ops missions.
26 Miracle Workers Repairing items costs no resources, only time.
27 Quick and Dirty Many missions will have fewer aliens overall.
28 Perfect Information You will see enemy to-hit values.
29 Recon You will see meld cans and bomb nodes in the fog. This is vanilla default behavior.
30 Green Fog The XCOM soldier aim and will degrade after each turn during combat.

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