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For the original UFO: Enemy Unknown (1994) version, see Plasma Pistol
Project Jacamar Results
Plasma Pistol Research

Our research into the alien's plasma based weaponry is among the most advanced and dangerous work we've undertaken so far. The most difficult question surrounding the use of plasma... how to maintain an adequate power supply in the field, was solved by the Elerium-based power cells recovered from the aliens. The heat sinks developed using their materials have also proven to be the answer to proper heat dissipation along the weapon's barrel. With this knowledge in hand, we should now be able to use any plasma pistols we've captured from the invaders, as well as begin manufacturing variants of our own design.

Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012) Research Archives

Plasma Pistol

By discharging a lethal shot of ionized gas in an artificially generated magnetic field, this weapon performs far beyond the capabilities of any projectile based sidearm.

  • The most powerful pistol available to XCOM
  • Used widely by the invading forces
Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)


Research Required Plasma Pistol
Base Costs §100
20 Alloys
10 Elerium
20 Engineers
Base Damage 2-4 (+1 with Improved Pistol III)
Critical Damage 4 or 6 (+1 with Improved Pistol III)
Critical Chance 0% (+10% with Improved Pistol I)
Range Medium
Abilities None
  • While the listed Critical Damage (on the EW DLC) is 5-7, the actual values are either 4 (33% of the shots) or 6 (66%) due to a bug.
  • Like all pistols, the Plasma Pistol is attached to the right thigh of the soldier.
  • The Plasma Pistol, like all other sidearms, does not require reloading.
  • It is useful as a backup weapon, especially for Sniper, whose Gunslinger ability increases the damage of all pistols by 2. A Sniper with this ability and Double Tap firing a Plasma Pistol with Improved Pistol III can discharge two shots of 5-7 Base Damage (7 or 9 Critical Damage), better than a Support firing a single shot of a Plasma Rifle (6-8 Base Damage).
  • Plasma Pistol research benefits from the following Research Credits: Plasma Weapons, Weapons Technology, All Technology.

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