Sectopod (LWOTC)

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The Sectopod are ADVENT's heaviest mechanical unit that boast incredible armor and is equipped with a massive cannon capable of piercing even the greatest of armors.

The Sectopods are ADVENT's greatest mechanical unit that is of massive threat and can easily chew through our troopers. These hulking menaces, as threatening as they look, are incredibly resource intensive and thus are limited to a select few missions such as supply trains which are important to ADVENT in order to transport resources around the globe. Unlike most units, most of the Sectopod's actions are non-turn ending which makes them incredibly efficient and able to perform multiple actions against our soldiers. In addition to this, they are also unique in starting the turn with an additional action starting out with 3 actions (this effect only applies if they begin their turn unaffected meaning any effects such as stun will prevent this). Their size and armor also allows them to tear through buildings with ease, being able to bulldoze through them and destroying any cover in their path (This can only occur when they are actively engaged).

Sectopod's are also built with special legs that allows them to achieve a High Stance, which will grant them height advantage bonus becoming more accurate than they already are. They also have a very destructive weapon, the Wrath Cannon, which unleashes a massive blast dealing great damage and destroying nearly anything in its path. Sectopod's can also unleash a Lightning Field that can greatly damage any units surrounding them. Upon taking fatal damage, the Sectopod's system overloads and explodes, damaging any nearby units.

Sectopod (Rank 1)

Difficulty Health
Crit Chance
Crit Chance
Flanking Crit Chance Bonus
Flanking Crit Chance Bonus
Hack Defense
Hack Defense
Detection Radius
Detection Radius (tiles)
Rookie 35 4 75 0 33 0 0 16 50 165 10
Veteran 60 5 75 10 33 0 0 16 50 180 10
Commander 80 5 75 10 40 0 0 16 50 180 10
Legend 90 8 75 10 40 0 0 16 50 180 10
Weapon Damage
Crit Damage
Crit Damage
Clip Size
Clip Size
Sectopod Blaster 9 - 13 5 3 Shred: 2
Wrath Cannon 7 - 14 - - Range: 17
Radius: 1
Shred: 2
Env Dmg: 30
Lightning Field 6 - 10 - - Radius: 3.5
Pierce: 3
Max Units in Pod = 1
Force Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Leader Spawn Weight 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 2 2 3
Follower Spawn Weight 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Abilities and Tactical Upgrades
High Stance
* This ability is a free action and has no cooldown.
Extend the legs to heighten the sectopod into a high stance, granting them high ground bonuses to lower targets.
Lightning Field
* This ability costs 1 action, is non-turn ending and has a 2-turn cooldown.
Discharges an electric field to deal electric damage to all nearby enemies. 2-turn cooldown.
Wrath Cannon
* This ability costs 1 action, is non-turn ending and has a 3-turn cooldown.
Charge a devatating attack that deals massive damage and environmental damage in a straight line. It takes one turn to prepare and will fire off at the start of the next turn. 3-turn cooldown.
Mechanical Chasis
XCOM2 infoIcon custom 1.png
The mechanical frame grants immunity to fire and poison.
Center Mass
*You do one additional point of base damage with your primary weapon, pistols or a sawed-off shotgun.
You do one additional point of base damage when using guns.

16% chance of applying after completion
LW implants ironskin.png
Iron Skin
Reduce incoming melee damage by 3.
100% chance of applying after completion
Damage Control
*Your armor hardens temporarily after an impact. After taking damage, gain 2 armor through the end of the next turn.
After taking damage, gain 2 armor through the end of the turn.

20% chance of applying after completion


  • Like most mechanical enemies, they do not have much defense making them easier targets but are more durable by having generally more HP and armor than bio enemies. It is recommended to have some sort of shredding or piercing to more easily deal with these targets.
  • Like most units with AOE moves, you ideally want to spread your soldiers out in order to greatly dissuade them from ever using them although they may use Lightning Field if there are valid targets close enough. For Wrath Cannon it always aim to prepare this regardless if there are multiple targets which can also be taken advantage of, helping you gain a bit more time to address the Sectopod before it becomes more of a threat.
  • Sectopods are large units taking up multiple spaces, thus Stasis cannot contain them and frost bombs are only half as effective reducing only one action. Their bulkiness also makes it difficult for them to maneuver around and results in them having issues with certain elevated positions which can be taken advantage of to help keep distance from it.
  • Sectopods are incredibly durable and incredibly damaging making them a very large threat. It is best to use moves such as Disabling Shot that can stun them for a turn to allow you to focus on other targets, otherwise it would require the entire squad to work together in order to take it out swiftly which may leave you vulnerable to other threats.
  • As Sectopods are restricted to certain missions, it allows you to prepare specifically for them so make sure you have various counters for when they do end up appearing in the mission instead of unexpectedly running into them and potentially coming out heavily disadvantaged.