Seeker Autopsy (EU2012)

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Seeker Autopsy
Seeker Autopsy

Although each of the autopsies we've conducted on the various alien species could be considered unusual, this latest specimen continues to push the boundaries of how we might define that characteristic. It's been referred to as a "Seeker" by our soldiers in the field due to its propensity for tracking and engaging with single targets - and its actual means of attack is quite shocking. Once it has located a target, the Seeker physically seizes the victim, and remains attached until it is either removed by force or the target expires. As one might imagine, this is an extraordinarily disturbing situation for both the victim and anyone witnessing the attack. The challenge in stopping the Seeker comes from its inherent agility and nimbleness, making it extremely difficult to intercept before it manages to reach its intended target. We believe the micro-motors employed in its design are responsible for this notable degree of mobility. The Seeker has also been observed deploying a type of defensive smoke screen, making it even more troublesome to engage during the limited window of opportunity when it is immobile. It is my hope that we can adapt these various concealment techniques into a form that allows our soldiers greater stealth capabilities in combat, which should reduce casualties. It may also be possible to use what we've learned to develop weapons systems and equipment that mirror some of these techniques. Our Unit Analysis View available in the field should provide additional specifics regarding this species' various combat abilities.


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