Sentient Engine Liberation Front

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The city edict of 2076 effectively banished Androids from most areas of city life. They were forced into slum areas and treated as little more than vermin. They considered themselves to be artificial life forms of equal intellect to human beings and decided to fight back. SELF is an organization dedicated to fight for equality for all sentient life forms, whether flesh or machine. Their activity has been limited to pressure group politics, but there are demands within their ranks to resort to more direct, violent action.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia

Sentient Engine Liberation Front

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  • usually known as SELF
  • Android agents will only be available for hire when SELF is neutral or better.
  • The only organisation, besides X-Com, which cannot be infiltrated by Aliens.
Alien Infiltration Speed:  Immune



  • none

Initial Attitudes


Defence Forces

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